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Be informed before purchasing an industrial inkjet printer

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Choose an industrial inkjet printer wisely. industrial date code printer in pakistan coding and labeling can help your business grow. Most manufacturers code with CIJ printers. Legal, supply chain, and customer information are commonly printed directly onto goods or packaging. The key to buying industrial date code printer in pakistan is to consider the five aspects listed below.

Never let the print head’s ink dry!

Users of industrial inkjet printers have always had one worry. Because the ink must dry fast, coding may be disturbed. As a result, the nozzle becomes clogged and must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed before use. Your initial prints after cleaning may be of low quality. The ink is intended to dry instantaneously on objects and containers, but it doesn’t.

industrial date code printer in pakistan
industrial date code printer in pakistan

Most persuasive response came from Lei binger, who delivered Sealtronic print head technology. Sealtronic is easy to use. To create an airtight circuit, the ink return line (also known as the gutter) automatically retracts into the nozzle after coding. Nozzle jamming occurs when printers leave the return line open.

Securing the nozzle seal keeps the ink flowing. Ink gutter opens in seconds, system ready to print again. Sealtronic automated nozzle sealing technology allows Leibinger inkjet printers to be coded again in seconds, allowing for a clean print. Consumables must therefore be decreased.

The inkjet printer must be able to communicate with your existing manufacturing line.

Each production line is distinct, needing customised solutions. Your inkjet industrial printer may need to be put in an awkward space or at an odd angle. Search for a printer that can adapt to your individual workflow requirements. Connect all required connectors for easy integration with existing manufacturing systems.

Decide on the nozzle size and printing speed

Because manufacturing lines differ in speed and legibility, large and small character printing options are crucial. You can use a small character industrial date code printer in pakistan with a finer nozzle to print barcodes, text, or logos on small items like electronic components. Using a 35m nozzle inkjet barcode printer allows coding at very small letter sizes.

Choose CIJ solutions that fit your coding demands, such as Some cable printing solutions can print up to 1,000 m/min.

The ability to print continuously for long periods of time

Industrial printers must last. Dust levels can be severe in wood yards and wheat mills, for example. In order to keep dust particles out of the printing process, a stainless steel housing with no plastic parts is required.

Many food sectors require cleaning equipment, which includes printers, to maintain rigorous hygiene requirements. Cleaning industrial inkjet printers with IP65 protection may be required.

Use a continuous inkjet printer

Changing the information printed on each product’s packaging requires manual interaction, regardless matter how automated your production line is. You should also check for easy-to-use displays, separate administrator and production staff access and employee training before acquiring a printer. The finished print should be visible when using Zebra partner in Pakistan industrial marking software, for example.

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