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An Ultimate Guide For Decluttering Your House

by Asim Khan

Decluttering your house always seems exciting but it is a daunting task and you postpone this plan for months. Most people have more than a little junk lying around in their house that will not harm them if they declutter it.

Usually when people have more things than they can manage they feel stress and think that they cannot control things in their life. If you haven’t declutter your house for a long time then you would not be able to even start it without a proper plan.

You do not need to hire Industrial Services Cleaning to make a plan and declutter your house as you can do it by yourself. Here are some decluttering tips that will guide you.

Take Out A Few Hours From Your Schedule

You need some time to declutter your house properly. If you have a tight schedule then it is better to take out 1-2 hours for decluttering from your schedule. Do not fantasize that you could declutter even a small area of your house in minutes. At least you have to give an hour to one area of your house.

Add decluttering to your daily schedule, this way you will be able to declutter your house properly within a few days. Adding decluttering to your schedule will also help you to keep motivate.

Keep Things That You Use

Decluttering means that you throw out things that are useless and keep only those things that you use frequently. The best way to determine which thing you should keep and which thing you should throw out is to make a list of things that you use in the past 12 months.

Do not be distract by this mind frame that you might use this thing in the future even if you haven’t use it in the past year.

Clear Out The Duplicate Items

Usually, we have many duplicate items in our house and we don’t even know about them or sometimes forget about things that we have and buy them again. The first thing you have to do is to get rid of these duplicate items from your house.

Usually, you face the problem of duplicate items when you are cleaning your closets or drawers. You don’t need to have 2-3 pairs of the same color tops, sweaters, and bottoms. But there are a few things like batteries, light bulbs, and other things like these that you don’t need to throw out.

Everything Should Have Their Place

After decluttering all the items that you are left with should have a designate spot in the house. Use containers, storage boxes, baskets, and trays to keep all the things organize and in place. These organizers always give a clean and neat look to the house.

After putting all the items in the organizers if some items can not fit then you should only keep those that you use in the last year.

Decrease Your Paper Clutter

Your paper clutter can take up a lot of space in your house but you can easily reduce it by digitizing it. If you have tons of paper documents and pictures then you already know that they are taking most of your storage space and you cannot throw them out.

You can digitize all these pictures and documents, but it might look very difficult to you. If you are worried about failing any digital storage. Method then you can create a backup to avoid any loss in the future.

Change Your Mindset

After decluttering your house completely, you can only keep it clean by changing some of your habits. After using or buying a product you have to put it back in its place or if the item that you bought is of no use in the future then you should resell it. The main reason for the accumulation of clutter in your house is that you get lazy and start to stash things in one place instead of putting them back in their designate place.

Plan Your Next Decluttering Session

Finally, after decluttering your house you might be thinking that you are free for several months but you need to plan your next decluttering session just after this session. It doesn’t sound great but if you prolong your decluttering session then the clutter will start to pile up and it will become difficult for you to declutter it.

You should declutter your house after every 3-6 months so that you can easily do it. If you cannot find the motivation to declutter your house then you can also ask your friend, sibling, or a Janitorial Services Fresno CA to help you in this matter. They can also assist you to plan what things you should keep and what things you should throw out.

Why You Should Declutter Your House

Here are some of the reasons why you should declutter your house.

  • Cleaning in itself is a hectic job but If you have to clean something that you have no interest in, such as clutter in your house, then it will become more difficult for you to clean. 
  • If you have fewer useless items in your house then it will become easy for you to organize things and find things when you need them.
  • If you have a lot of clutter in your house then even the sight of it can cause stress. You cannot focus on things as you are always distract about how you are going to clean this mess.

How To Dispose of The Clutter

Once you have declutter your house you have to categorize all the clutter into three categories; sell, trash, and donate. For things that are in good condition like you have only use them for one time then you should try to sell them first. 

Things that are not sold you should. Donate them to needy people. And the items that cannot be use or are in a bad condition then you should throw them.


Decluttering your house is not as difficult as you think if you do it regularly. You need to make a proper plan as mentioned above to declutter your house without any problem. If it is difficult then you can ask someone to assist you.

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