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Accuhealth Remote Patient Monitoring revolutionizes care options with the release of Evelyn 3.0, a more robust platform with enhanced artificial intelligence capabilities

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Accuhealth announced the official launch of Evelyn 3.0, the third edition of their remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform, on December 9th, 2021, which includes more advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities and extensive analytics and voice sentiment analytics. Accuhealth’s Health Operations Center (HOC), secure patient messaging, improved mobile access, and cellular-connected 4G Telli Health devices enable over 100,000 patient-provider touchpoints per day, substantially increasing patient adherence and improving patient outcomes. Through the quadruple goals of enhanced patient experience, improved clinician experience improved health outcomes, and lower cost of care, Accuhealth cements its position as the market leader in remote patient monitoring.

Recognizing the importance of patient priority, Evelyn 3.0 includes behavioral analytics capabilities in its Health Operation Center, allowing Accuhealth to understand patients’ mental health better and identify health issues using patient sentiment analysis, voice interaction, and artificial intelligence. Evelyn 3.0 monitors patient behaviors, speech, and response time in advance. When combined with sentiment analytics, it will profile patient discussions and rate patients based on the criticality of attention required by clinicians, lowering hospital visits and overall healthcare costs. Thanks to these in-depth analytics, providers may see all critical patient information on a single screen. Evelyn 3.0 offers individualized messages to increase patient involvement in managing their health, including monitoring reminders and follow-up on treatment recommendations, by providing clients their preferred means of communication, whether SMS, voice, or a telemedicine session. Furthermore, Accuhealth’s AI-powered call system improves patient adherence by allowing patients to use self-service and request medical interaction on-demand, decreasing provider burden and cognitive strain, and prioritizing patients who outmoded analog technologies might otherwise ignore.

Evelyn 3.0 has also improved Accuhealth’s compliance capabilities, ensuring that the company satisfies CMS’s highest criteria (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). Services can now be delivered on-premises and in the cloud anywhere globally, and increased data analytics make it easier for providers to meet ongoing grant, pharmaceutical trial, and payor/academic research requirements.

“We’ve been working on our AI skills for over three years now,” said Accuhealth CEO Stephen Samson. “Data-driven healthcare is here to stay, and Evelyn 3.0 separates us from the rest of the RPM industry by keeping patients out of the hospital. Our data proves that, and our AI model enables Accuhealth remote patient monitoring providers to predict adverse effects on health that are missed by other RPM companies. We’re disrupting the traditional healthcare model with Evelyn 3.0, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next as we roll out this software globally. Given the high demand for our software, it’s evident that Accuhealth remote patient monitoring stands head and shoulders above the competition, and I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to remain self-funded.”

RPM keeps patients out of the hospital and lowers Medicare expenses, according to Accuhealth data. Accuhealth averted 3,271 hospital visits in 2021 alone, resulting in a $44,485,600 net savings based on an average Medicare cost per patient of $13,600. (found at peoplekeep.com). Providers saw overall adherence increase to 82 percent, with medication adherence increasing by 20 percent, using the 100,000+ touchpoints supplied daily by Evelyn 3.0’s predictive analytics. The average blood glucose improvement overtime at Accuhealth clinics was 15 mg/dl, with systolic and diastolic blood pressure improvements of 10 mmHg and 8 mmHg, respectively, and weight loss improvements of -16 lbs.

Samson continued, “Evelyn 3.0 now features a tier system, allowing customers to choose from a simple license agreement to a fully managed turnkey telehealth solution. We can provide clients with an à la carte model in which they can pick and choose which services they desire. This makes RPM services available to homecare providers, as well as larger health groups and hospitals.”

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