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5 Methods to Study to Prepare for ACCA tests

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The method you use to study to pass your exams will have an impact directly on the results of your exam So deciding how you learn is an important decision.

Many learning companies offer a range of learning strategies and we hope that the following information will assist you in choosing the ACCA Coaching Classes In Thane that are most suitable to your needs.

Approved Learning Partners

There are many methods to prepare for your tests – but we strongly recommend you learn with the help of an Approved Learning Partner (ALP). ALPs are evaluated by ACCA on the basis of the quality of ACCA administration of courses, their delivery, and assistance. We constantly monitor the success rates of ACCA students taking courses using ALPs since it is one of the criteria used to maintain and determine the degree of approval given.

Our research shows that students who have an ALP do better on the tests than students who do not.

Approved Learning Partners – levels of approval


This is the most prestigious and most prestigious grade of certification, access to educational institutions that teach ACCA certifications. Platinum ALPs must comply with the benchmarks of our global best practices regarding the institution as well as course management, delivery, and support for students. Platinum ALPs must show that their student pass rates surpass the global averages for the majority of papers they teach.


This approval level is granted to educational institutions that offer tuition for the ACCA Qualification or Foundations in Accountancy set of certifications. Gold ALPs must comply with our global best practices standards for the institution and the management of courses, their execution, and student support. After approval that follows, Gold ALPs must demonstrate the appropriate student pass rates for this approval level.


This approval level is typically given to learners providers who are new to teaching ACCA qualifications, and who are working towards getting approved to the level Gold.

Before you sign up with any educational provider, look over the variety of services they offer, their prices, and the terms and conditions they apply.

Face-to-face tuition

Classroom-based, full-time tuition is offered at the provider’s premises. Full-time tuition usually takes place during office hours, from Monday through Friday, for some weeks or even months. During the course, you could be studying for one or more ACCA examinations, while learning about the subject and applying information gained through practice questions and master exam methods in the preparation for the test.

There are a variety of reasons you should consider a full-time education:

  • If you’d prefer to concentrate exclusively on your research
  • If you are not employed full-time,
  • If you are taking a break from your career
  • To finish your ACCA exam as fast as you can

Part-time, classroom-based instruction is provided at the provider’s premises. The classes usually occur during the evening hours or on weekends and can run for a period of weeks or even months. Part-time classes can be condensed into an intensive time period of a few days during weekends or weekdays. For the entire duration of your course, you will be instructed on the syllabus for your selected ACCA exam(s) while understanding how to study the curriculum and applying information gained through practice questions, and mastering exam skills to prepare for the exam.

A few of the reasons why you could consider studying part-time:

  • In full-time or part-time work
  • If you are aiming to pass ACCA examinations, you will gain experience in the field, you can do this through your work
  • For the best chance of success, especially when you have a limited amount of time to study

Revision courses that are face-to-face taking place on the premises of the provider. Revision classes are designed to assist students to reinforce and refresh their knowledge and abilities gained during the tuition program. They typically cover a review of the syllabus as well as the intensive practice of exam questions as well as dedicated tutor assistance. Revision courses usually are full-time tuition courses however they are sometimes offered in a separate course.

A few of the reasons you could choose to take a revision course are:

  • Increase your confidence when applying the knowledge you have gained
  • To enrich your education experience
  • to practice the art of time management and to practice questioning techniques.
  • To build confidence.

Questions practice sessions are offered by some learning institutions to provide students with planned exam preparation and usually comprise a mock test, with guidance from a tutor and a focus on effective exam methods to ensure success on the actual exam.

A few of the reasons you may want to consider attending the practice sessions for questions:

  • to acquire the skills needed to effectively apply the knowledge acquired for use in the test scenario
  • Learning the exam techniques important to increase your chances of getting the best marks on the test
  • to review and practice the syllabus, often to prepare for retaking
  • to boost confidence and improve performance to improve performance
  • to increase the efficiency of your exam time management and improve your performance.

Online learning

An online course of learning would be an online experience that is designed and delivered by the instructor, then supported by the provider of learning. Students are expected to have access to either recorded or live lectures and will be assisted online by instructors or experts in the subject area. The classes are organized and offer suggestions on the most effective methods to maximize the results, as well as the course requirements.

Access to learning materials is accessible on the internet. Online learning platforms are usually augmented by social media tools that allow students for engaging with fellow students along with brief videos, and quizzes whiteboards that you can create and then share with your tutors and students. They also include a variety of sources of reference.

Students are able to plan their studies and complete every course on their own time. They may also be connected to other students via the internet to get support from peers.

A few of the reasons to consider online education include:

  • You appreciate the flexibility this method of learning gives you.
  • Face-to-face classes are difficult to accommodate with your schedule and commitments.
  • If you are employed full-time.
  • To make the most of technologies-enhanced learning strategies
  • There are no face-to-face courses in the area.

Revision courses online will involve an online course that is offered and assisted by the provider of the course. Similar to face-to-face course revision classes, online ones are designed to assist students to maintain and reinforce their skills and knowledge learned during the tuition program. They usually contain a reminder of the syllabus’s content, intense test-taking, and tutor support online.

A few of the reasons you may want to consider attending the revision course:

  • Increase confidence when applying the information gained
  • To improve your experience in learning
  • Practice your time management skills and practice question techniques.
  • To increase confidence.

Blended learning

Blended learning: Blended learning blends face-to-face and online learning through a provider of learning, in one course. It is essential to take part in both aspects of the tuition is required for completing the tuition course.

A few of the reasons why to consider blended learning include:

  • To be able to have the flexibility of online as well as face to face tutor and contact with peers
  • If you are in part-time or full-time work
  • Convenience
  • To make the most of the benefits of technology-enhanced learning, students also get the chance to meet the instructor and other students in person at times

What should you do if can’t attend a fully-tuition course?

It is a good idea to seriously consider joining revision or practice sessions in the event that it is you find it all you are able to do so.

This will provide you with the benefit of guidance from your tutor and guidance in the week leading up to your exams. While enrolling in a complete course is the best way to gain maximum advantages, many learning companies provide revision and practice sessions in separate packages You can select this to supplement your study if you are not able to enroll in the full course.

Approved Content

Make sure to utilize the Approved Content products created by our partners who are accepted by ACCA and registering with the Approved Learning Partner can give you the highest chances of passing the exam.

The badge of approval for Content signifies that the materials for the study have been evaluated by the ACCA’s team of examiners to make sure that they’re of top quality and provide complete study material coverage.

The approved content providers of ACCA are:

  • BPP Learning Media
  • Kaplan Publishing

The Approved Content Provider’s question, as well as answer bank, is an excellent source of exam-style questions which is why we strongly recommend you make use of them as your main source for questioning practice.

Content providers regularly update their study guides to incorporate the most current syllabus information as well as examinable documents and exam format.

ACCA study materials

ACCA offers a variety of materials designed specifically for each exam, to assist you in preparing for your exam successfully. These materials provide essential information that will help you maximize your time in the classroom and apply your understanding of the syllabus to be successful. There is a variety of information available for you to study, such as the team’s guidance and reports of past sessions, exam-specific study documents, syllabus information as well as sample exams. previous exam papers as well as technical information and many more.

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