5 Methods to Study to Prepare for ACCA Tests

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The method you employ to prepare for your exam will have an effect directly on the result of your test, so choosing how you study is a significant choice.

Numerous learning firms provide a variety of learning methods and we are hoping that this information will help you in deciding on which ACCA Coaching Classes in Thane that will be most beneficial to your requirements.

Approved Learning Partners

There are many ways to prepare for your exams However, we strongly recommend that you study with assistance from ALPs. Approved learning Partner (ALP). ALPs are assessed by ACCA in accordance with their quality in ACCA management of courses along with their delivery and their assistance. We continually monitor the achievement rate of ACCA students taking courses that use ALPs because they are one of the factors used to keep track of and decide the quality of the approvals given.

Our research suggests that students with an ALP perform better on tests than those who don’t.

Approved Learning Partners – levels of approval


It is the most sought-after and most sought-after grade of certification. It also grants gain access to ACCA Coaching in Mumbai which teaches ACCA certifications. Platinum ALPs must meet the guidelines of our best practices for the institution and the management of courses, their delivery, and student support. Platinum ALPs must demonstrate that their pass rates for students are higher than the average for the majority of papers they teach.


This level of approval is given to institutions of higher education that provide fees for tuition for courses that lead to the ACCA Qualification or Foundations in Accountancy set of certificates. Gold ALPs must be in compliance with our international best practices guidelines for the institution, as well as the management of the courses in their delivery, as well as support for students. Following approval, Gold ALPs need to show the proper student pass rates to be approved at this level.


This approval level is normally offered to learners who are brand new to teaching ACCA qualifications and are working to get certified to the Gold level.

Before signing to any school take a look at the range of services they provide as well as their costs, as well as what terms and terms they use.

Instruction in face-to-face

Full-time, classroom-based tuition is available at the school’s premises. The full-time classes usually take the place during office hours between Monday and Friday, over a period of months or even weeks. During the course, students might have to prepare for one or several ACCA exams, and also study the subject, and use the knowledge gained by practicing questions and master exam strategies to prepare for the exam.

There is a myriad of reasons to consider an education that is full-time:

  • If you’d like to focus only on your research, you can do that.
  • If you’re not full-time employed,
  • If you’re looking to take time off from your work,
  • To pass your ACCA exam as quickly as you can.

Part-time classroom instruction is offered at the premises of the provider. Classes typically take place on the weekend or in the evening and could last for several weeks, or perhaps months. Part-time classes can be streamlined into a time span of a few weeks during the weekdays or weekends. For the duration of your program, you will be guided on the curriculum for the ACCA exam(s) while learning how to go through the curriculum, applying the knowledge learned through practice tests and mastering exam techniques to help you pass the exam.

There are a few reasons you should take a look at studying part-time

  • Part-time or full-time employment
  • If you’re trying to take ACCA exams, you’ll acquire expertise in the field you can achieve this through your job
  • To have the greatest chance of your success, you must be prepared, particularly when you are given a short amount of time

Revision classes are taught face-to-face occurring at the location of the service provider. The classes designed for revision are intended to help students reinforce and refresh their skills and knowledge acquired during the tuition program. They typically include a recap of the syllabus and the intense practice of exam questions and dedicated tutoring assistance. Revision classes are typically full-time tuition classes, however, they can be offered as an individual courses.

The main reasons to go through a course of revision include:

  • Improve your confidence in applying the knowledge you’ve learned
  • To enrich your education experience
  • to learn the art of time management, and to learn techniques for questioning.
  • to build confidence.

Questions practice sessions are provided by certain institutions of learning to assist students in their exams. These usually include the test in a mock format, along with the guidance of a tutor and a focus on efficient test methods to make sure that students are successful in the actual test.

Some of the reasons to attend the training sessions to ask concerns:

  • to develop the necessary skills to apply the knowledge gained for the scenario of the test
  • It is essential to master the test techniques to improve your chances of scoring the highest marks on the test
  • To review and practice the syllabus, and often to help prepare for the taking the test again.
  • to increase confidence and boost performance.
  • to improve the efficiency of your time management for exams and enhance your exam results.

Online learning

A course of study online could be described as an online experience that is planned and taught by the instructor and then assisted by the institution of learning. Students must be able to access either live or recorded lectures and are assisted via online tutors or experts in the field. The courses are structured and give tips on the most effective ways to get the most results and also the requirements of the course.

Learning materials are available on the web. Learning platforms on the internet are generally enhanced with social media platforms that permit students to connect with fellow students, as well as short videos, quizzes, and whiteboards that you can design and send to your teachers and students. They also provide a range of references.

Students can plan their studies and complete each course in their own time. They can also connect to other students on the internet to receive help from fellow students.

There are many benefits of considering online learning including:

  • You’ll appreciate the flexibility this way of learning offers you.
  • Face-to-face classes are challenging to schedule around your time and schedule.
  • If you’re employed full-time.
  • To make the most of technologies-enhanced learning strategies
  • There are no face-to-face courses in the region.

Online revision courses will be an online class that is provided and supported by the instructor of the course. Similar to face-to-face course revision classes, online classes are designed to help students in maintaining and enhancing their knowledge and skills acquired in the tuition course. They typically include an outline of the syllabus’s information along with intense tests, as well as tutor support on the web.

Some of the reasons to take a look at enrolling in the revision course

  • Enhance confidence when applying knowledge acquired
  • To enhance your experience the process of
  • Learn to manage your time and practice your questioning strategies.
  • To boost confidence.

Blended learning

Blended education: This type of Learning integrates online and face-to-face learning via a provider of learning in one course. It is vital to be a part of both of the elements of the education required for the course of tuition.

Some of the main reasons to look into blended learning are:

  • To be able to enjoy the flexibility of online learning in addition to face-to-face tutoring, and contact with your peers
  • If you’re employed full-time or part-time employment
  • Convenience
  • To maximize the advantages of technology-enhanced learning students also have an opportunity to meet their instructors as well as other students during times

What do you do if you cannot attend a full-time course?

It’s recommended to take into consideration joining practice or revision sessions if you are able to find it the only way to do it.

This will give you the benefit of advice from your tutor as well as guidance during the weeks prior to your exam. While enrolled in a full course is the best option to reap the maximum benefits There are many companies that offer review and practice sessions separately. You may choose this option to enhance your studies if you’re not able to take the entire course.

Approved Content

Be sure to use the Approved Content products developed by our partners that are recognized by ACCA and registering with an Approved Learning Partner gives the greatest chance of passing the test.

The stamp in the form of an approval badge for content indicates that the contents of the study have been vetted by the ACCA’s team examiners to ensure they’re top-quality and have complete study materials that are comprehensive.

The content providers that are approved by ACCA are:

  • BPP Learning Media
  • Kaplan Publishing

Its Approved Content Provider’s questions, and answer database, is an excellent source for exam-style questions. That’s why we strongly suggest using these as your primary source of practice questions.

Content providers frequently update their study guides, which include the most recent syllabus information and also examinable materials and exam format.

ACCA study materials

ACCA provides a range of resources specifically designed for each exam to help you prepare for your test successfully. They provide crucial information to help you make the most of the time you spend in the classroom and enhance your knowledge of the syllabus to succeed. There are plenty of materials available to read, including the guidance of the team and accounts of previous sessions, exam-specific study guides including syllabus details, and sample exam papers. Exam papers from the past as well as technical details and others.

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