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11 Tips for Coworking Space Workers to Get Most Out of it

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Coworking spaces are growing in popularity as more businesses and industries shift to flexible or remote work. Some companies, particularly startups, have worked in coworking spaces for years. Others are more familiar with traditional offices. Traditional offices are more familiar to professionals.

Shared office spaces called coworking spaces can be used by teams or individuals. Coworking offices offer everything you need to have a productive day. You can think of high-speed internet and fresh-brewed coffee.

It is important to be considerate of other people working in a coworking space. You can be respectful of others in a coworking space by learning the proper manner to use it before you arrive.

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1. Make sure to bring your headphones

You can listen to music, podcasts, or white noise while working, but it is best to do this privately. Good headphones are essential in coworking spaces. Noise-canceling headphones will help you block out noises and distract from conversations. This applies to calls, meetings, and music. There is a good chance that no one else will listen to both sides of your conversation. While coworking spaces offer many benefits, such as the opportunity to network with professionals and exchange ideas, sometimes it’s important to not be disturbed. Headphones are a great way for this to be communicated.

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2. Space is important

You’ll be able to have your own desk, table, or booth in some coworking spaces. You’ll share space with others. Nearly all coworking spaces offer a communal area with tables and couches to work. Because these spaces are shared, it is important to limit how much space you use. If there are other people looking for space, it’s rude to spread out your paper and tools across the entire table.

3. Call booths are available for you

Many communal offices have “phone boxes” that can be used to make calls or hold short meetings. These booths are soundproof and allow you to speak freely while on calls or in meetings. Some coworking spaces will have a process of reserving booths, while others will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

4. Pay attention to the clock

Time is everything in coworking space etiquette. Be mindful of others who have booked a meeting room after you. You should be aware of others who may also be using the same phone booth. This is true for booking workspaces or tables. Coworking spaces share most things, so it is important to keep to a set schedule to be a good communicator and allow others to do their work.

5. Take care of yourself

It is a common courtesy to clean up after yourself in public places. So that others can get started, it is important to keep your work area clean. This applies to the shared kitchens that many coworking spaces have as well as meeting rooms and telephone booths.

6. Be aware of your boundaries

One of the great benefits of coworking spaces is collaboration. However, not everyone is able to work together all the time. Pay attention to other people’s work habits and don’t interrupt if you can. Many coworking spaces host events for collaboration and networking. Meet your coworkers there!

Socialize Not Just Network

It is not about talking to as many people as possible. One meaningful, interesting conversation is worth a thousand business cards. If something isn’t of your interest, you don’t have to go. You can check out Wonder CC’s upcoming events calendar to stay informed and if you see something that interests you, go for it!

7. Take initiative

You can organize a workshop on your topic of expertise, organize a pub crawl or host a table tennis tournament. Talk to your Community Manager about organizing it. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself or your company, get to know your neighbors, and possibly gain a new client.

8. Don’t sell

Do not always look for opportunities to sell. People who just want to have a conversation in the kitchen or at the water cooler aren’t necessarily looking for the hard sell and may begin to avoid you.

9. Smart Talk

Do not engage in long conversations with people if they aren’t contributing fully to the discussion. Most of the time, they are simply being kind to you. Always ask them if they are open to a discussion.

10. Get to know your community manager

Your Community Manager is an invaluable resource. Get to know them. They will be able to provide support and information, as well as a solid knowledge of the community. Ask questions, offer feedback, and share your ideas. They are happy to help you find solutions or refer you to professionals.

You’ll be able to make connections that could lead to business by getting to know your Community Managers or other well-connected members.

11. Collaborate

When you are working for yourself, it is important to recognize your limitations. Coworking culture is built on the idea of helping each other. You don’t have to be a software developer in order to become a marketer, designer, or product manager. You will find people with these skills working in a coworking space right next to yours and just as excited about building something amazing as you.

Take an active interest in the work of your community and invest in it. Ask questions. Both parties have the chance to discover their strengths and work together. The best thing about coworking spaces? Being able to ask for help from others in the room!

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