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10 Benefits of WooCommerce to Boost your eCommerce

by Uneeb Khan

If you are the one engaged in WordPress CMS, there is no doubt that WooCommerce is an absolute need for your online store. WooCommerce yields all the essential features needed for your eCommerce growth. 

Countless WooCommerce plug-ins and themes are accessible in a variety of shapes and sizes that will boost any type of e-store efficiency. Well, according to the report, approximately 2.3 million eCommerce stores are gratified with the WooCommerce platform globally. 

Below are some benefits why eCommerce store owners point the fingers at WooCommerce.

#1. Brings creativity with Customization 

You can make your eCommerce look creative with various customization options when it comes to free/paid themes and plugins. All you need to do is pick the right theme that best suits your brand image. You can make modifications to the CSS styles and color themes as per your preferences. You will get a plethora of options to get the precise look you were aiming for in an eCommerce store. 

#2. Five-star Security  

WordPress platform secures your e-store deep within its core code, and it would be quite easy to improve store security even further with each update. You can swiftly arrange a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate with your host. You can also integrate plugins specifically developed to be security-focused. Your database having confidential customers’ details is also safe with WooCommerce. 

#3. SEO Optimized 

As WooCommerce is a WordPress-based platform, it is visible by the search engines by default. However, this combination enables some functionalities you can leverage to give more visibility to your brand in SERP. WooCommerce offers all the proven ways to boost search rankings such as editing Page and product URLs, writing meta and product descriptions, and publishing customer reviews. 

#4. Streamlined Analytics 

Analytics can be a tough nut to crack for the startups but, the in-built analytics system of WooCommerce analyzes several states like a total number of orders and sales and all the customer-specific data at a glance. Users can also review the important statistics through explicit graphs without leaving an admin panel. 

#5. Simplified Payments

It is necessary to use the most trustworthy payment methods for high security of funds and customer’s confidential details along with a seamless checkout process. WooCommerce offers built-in Payment gateways that make your job easier as a store owner. You can enable your consumers to pay through PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe, and much more. It is favorable for you as well as your customers. 

#6. Free and Open Source 

Running a business can be overpriced, so it is always good when something comes free of cost and even better when you do not have to compromise quality. WooCommerce development can be performed with the least investment if you are starting up an eCommerce. Along with the open-source platform, individuals can use WooCommerce without paying a single penny. Users have to install and activate it only to leverage all the features. The resiliency of integrating themes and extensions makes it stand out from the crowd. 

#7. User-Oriented

If you are a non-technical person, do not have to worry as WooCommerce is completely user-friendly; it means a person can use it without any technical guidance. An easy-to-use setup Wizard makes installation very easy. You can keep a record of everything including total order and sales based on each consumer. Even if you might face some difficulties, there are detailed tutorials accessible that will help you out. 

#8. Fully Professional 

WooCommerce has all the necessary features a professional platform must-have. You will have all-inclusive tracking of orders and customer engagement tools, through which your customers can check out their order history and get notified with each update of delivery statuses. It also comprises multiple shipping options as well as tax settings. 

#9. Convenient in Content Marketing 

When it comes to content, WordPress is no doubt a champion. A combination of WordPress and WooCommerce gives you the top in anything you want. When you have the best content, it will help you focus on long-tail keywords, thus ranking your website on top Search engines. You can also let your target consumers know about your industry and help solve their hazards using convincing content.

#10. Opportunity and development support 

With WooCommerce you will get countless possibilities for the development and growth of your eCommerce store. The platform comprises various APIs that individuals can use while creating extensions to enhance size and capabilities. WooCommerce has a large community that assures you that bugs and other problems are quickly resolved. WordPress also serves excellent customer support whenever you discover any difficulties. 

Summing up

WooCommerce is more likely to draw your attention if you feel that any of the above-mentioned benefits will suit your online store. You won’t face any difficulty if you choose WooCommerce as a companion to your eCommerce store. 

If you are still finding it challenging to begin, you can contact any experienced WooCommerce developers. They will surely help to take your online business to the next level.

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