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Your Guide to Best 10 Rakhi Designs of All Times

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The act of tying a Rakhi is not just a tradition. It’s a powerful expression of love and gratitude for a strong sibling bond. 

Don’t forget to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your siblings, who are connected by blood and spirit. Make sure your sibling feels included. To help you save time, here are 10 timeless designer Rakhis available in classic styles.

  • Inherit Wisdom – Upholding the Vedas:

1)      Mauli Rakhi:

 With vibrant red and yellow threads, the Mauli Rakhi possesses a simple yet elegant charm and carries spiritual significance. It is often adorned with protection beads, charms, and embellishments. Together, the Mauli Rakhi adds a whole touch of wisdom and respect for traditions to the bearer.

2)      Silk Rakhi:

Share the tradition of exquisitely handcrafted designer Silk Rakhi. When meticulously created from the finest silk sourced from Banaras and Kanjivaram. Makes Silk Rakhi a thoughtful gift that symbolizes the essential protection inhered in the lifelong bond of siblinghood. It leads to inspiring wisdom and strength for one another.

3)      Swastik Rakhi:

The sacred radiance of the sun captivating Sawastik, has been one of the oldest ancient symbols in Hindu culture. This sacred Swastik Rakhi is a timeless tradition, modernized in design with jewells and precious metals as silver and gold. It is made with delicately designed Rakhi amulets to preserve devotional beauty. 

  • Turn a New: As the Glistening Morning Dew

4)      Lotus Rakhi:

The lotus flower is revered as the most sacred among natural blossoms, symbolizing purity and resilience. Its spiritual significance is derived from the Atharvaveda. When you gift your brother something as Lotus Rakhi prescribed as a blooming heart of human in Rig Veda to brother. Your brother will pride on this central element of Indian heritage tied on his wrist.

5)      Pearl Rakhi:

The alluring beauty of the Milky Hues has a calming effect on the wearer. Shimmering like a piece of the moon, the Pearl Rakhi for brother signifies the eternal beauty of an endless ocean drawn to the moonlit pearl. The loving bond of affection between brother and sister bestows an enchanting and life-giving blessing with everlasting protection through the night.

  • Depth of Devotion- Beauty Born of Chaos:

6)      Silver Rakhi:

 From pure sterling silver to fused with enduring metals, Silver Rakhi has been a seamless blend of tradition and modernity. It is a purposeful delight in traditional Indian celebrations. Not only is it affordable, but it also features many unique designs in beads, gold, and gems.

7)      Gold Rakhi:

The intricate details of gold are showcased in beautiful beads. Making the Gold Rakhi shine with sentimental brilliance is due to its impeccable artistry. This golden craft is a collection of meticulously crafted auspicious Rakhi designs that depict divine motifs of Gods and all that is beautiful to the eye.

8)      Platinum Rakhi:

Symbolic of everlasting love, is faint resonating sound of Platinum. This Platinum Rakhi holds an enduring shine. For an eternally unconditional love, gift your brother a rear Platinum Rakhi design to mark the rarest fusion of modernity in a traditional Rakhi celebration.

  • Stay Bold – Fortune Favours the Bold

9)      Shiva Trishul Rakhi:

The Trishul is a protective charm believed to hold the three aspects of time that Shiva, the mighty destroyer of darkness, controls in the world. By giving your brother a Trishul Rakhi, which represents the balance between the past, present, and future, you are offering him the harmony of divine time.

10)  Bracelet Rakhi:

Bracelets come in interlocking and adjustable designs. Bracelet Rakhi for Brother is made from dynamic styles and designs. They range in Rudraksh beads, crystal beads, metal studded in jewels, vegan leather, and sacred amulets made of the most precious are in flexible option. These have been available in heart-throbbing sensational designs online.


Rakhi is a simple yet profound way to strengthen the connection between siblings over time. So, finding the tranquillity you seek in the perfect Rakhi, carefully curated at Rakhibazaar.com. Let your heart convey the unspoken message you want to share with your brother.

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