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Wood Flooring: 2024’s Probable Top Trends and What You Must Know

by M Asim

Just imagine stepping inside your living room after a hectic day and you are greeted by the warm embrace of your solid oak flooring. Ok, so the idea is tempting enough to keep you glued to the article, isn’t it? Well, in this article we will be discussing what kinds of wood flooring has been in trend in the year 2023? And what are we looking forward to in the upcoming year 2024. So, lets get started and delve in to what’s been and what can be.

As the year 2023 comes to the last quarter, it becomes important to review what trends have graced out homes and building in the current year, what has been in vogue and what thing still remain the masses’ favourites. This year has clearly seen a huge upsurge in wood flooring and there are a number of reasons for that, one of the most prominent reasons is the increase in the public’s orientation, orientation towards sustainability, towards ethical sourcing of materials and most importantly towards a secure and environment friendly future.

  1. Parquet patterns– This year parquet and chevron patterns have just made a huge comeback and the presence of which can be traced back to all the newly floored or renovated buildings. This intricate pattern has made the floors, the canvas to the artistic touch of the craftsmen and we are still not over it.
  2. Natural finishes– The year saw the love of people towards everything natural and this applied to the interiors and the flooring ideas too. People have been preferring the natural grain and colour of the wood floors and this is the best of all times.
  3. Mixed materials– The love of mixed materials and sustainable choices have soared high. After the pandemic and the rising concerns such global warming and climate change, people have resorted to use the sustainable and eco- friendly products in each and every field and this has extended to the flooring choices too.

Looking Forward to 2024: Top Wood Flooring Ideas

  1. Reclaimed wood- The reclaimed wood is already making a good appearance in the flooring ideas towards the end of the year 2023 and will continue to be people’s favourites in 2024 as well. Since, sustainability remained the driving force behind every decision that people took in this year, it will continue to be the first thing that people pay attention to in the coming years as well. Reclaimed wood therefore will be the first choice most probably.
  2. Luxe and dark hues– Dark, deep and wood with deep and strong colours such as cherry, maple or oak herringbone flooring will be in demand in the coming years too. Bringing in luxury and warmth, these flooring will be the first choice as staying classy is gaining popularity again.
  3. High- gloss finishes– Floors with high gloss finishes are making a comeback and this time with the best appearance ever. These were not in vogue in the past few years owing to the fact that everything matte was reigning the market. But glossy finished over the dark and luxe flooring will be a total game changer in the coming year.
  4. Texture play- People are embracing the textured feeling which give a tactile sensation thereby increasing your delight and at the same time adds depth to your dimensions too.Summing Up
    As we are in the last quarter of the year 2023, it is the time to evaluate what was in trend in the year and what can be the first choice of people in the upcoming year. The world is shifting towards sustainable choices which is a big move towards a healthy and lovely planet. The love for reclaimed wood and engineered wood flooring is also the result of this sustainability that has seeped into the veins of people. The world is changing for good and after the pandemic this was the first complete year when the markets were back on track trying to flourish. People therefore embraced change with open arms and here are the results- a sustainable future.

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