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Why Shared Hosting is Not Worth The Money and You Should Go with a VPS

by Zain Ali

When it comes to hosting, there is a wide range to choose from nowadays. Gain peak performance and reliability with indian virtual server which provides security with DDoS protection from VPS hosting services designed for India. Aside from the good old shared hosting, there are virtual private servers, dedicated servers, virtual dedicated servers, on-demand SaaS servers, and a few other solutions.

The competition is tougher than ever, and companies are forced to provide the best service possible for the lowest price, but DedicatedCore and DomainRacer are affordable. Which is just perfect for the customers.

And yet, everybody still seems to choose the aforementioned shared hosting, simply because it’s the most used, it’s dirt cheap and it provides everything one needs to get started with a site on the Web.

But shared hosting is not always the best solution – in fact, I would argue that it’s the worst choice you can make, and even a cheap VPS or dedicated server would be better, right from the start.

Here are just a few reasons why you should not go with shared hosting, even if you’re just starting and you’re low on money. It’s not very reliable. Shared hosting is by definition not very reliable.

It’s time to switch ssd to nvme storage with a free linux dedicated server in united states (USA) to get higher network speed with guaranteed security features. Hosting management software does a pretty good job of managing the resources on a physical machine, running over 20-30 shared hosting clients on one physical server.

Most of the time the number is much higher and takes a toll on both the hardware and the software, causing slowdowns (to which Google is now very sensitive) or even outages, with your site being inaccessible for several minutes or even hours.

Most of the time, the resources you’re getting are also oversold, so you can’t really store an “unlimited” amount of Gigabytes as you’re promised – the limit is actually under 50-100 GB at most, if you’re lucky, and even then you can get suspended for overusing the server’s resources.


Sure, you can pay for a package that has guaranteed resources, but the price would often be equal to a cheap VPS, DomainRacer offers higher flexibility and other advantages and would be a better choice.

It’s pretty slow. Because of the large number of sites and apps that a shared machine hosts, the whole thing is slower, and sometimes MUCH slower than a dedicated server or cheap VPS.

Even if the processor isn’t loaded with 50 processes in the queue and the hard drives aren’t swapping like crazy, you’ll still run into network bandwidth limitations pretty often with DedicatedCore.

A dedicated server is the best in this regard, but a VPS is also much better than shared hosting since there are often less than a dozen virtual machines running on a physical server.

It’s not flexible enough. As I mentioned above, an expensive shared hosting package and a cheap VPS cost about the same, yet you get so much more with a VPS hosting with DomainRacer.

You can configure it however you want – with root access to the operating system, you can change the settings in the web server (which you can also choose.

With DedicatedCore hosts you have an option of choosing Apache is not fast enough, You can install Nginx), PHP, or FTP server, set up a private VPN, and make the most of the resources you get.

DedicatedCore hosting in  Nginx gives a few other optimizations, you could be serving hundreds of thousands of visitors to your blog without a crash, especially if the machine your server is on has a 100 Mbps network connection (and most do). 

Good luck trying to do that with a shared hosting package, even an expensive one. As you can see, many disadvantages come with a shared hosting package.

Most of the time a VPS (even a cheap one, which can cost as low as $20 per month for a decent configuration!) or a dedicated server ($100 per month can get you a very nice machine) are much better.

If you’re just starting online, it would be wise to go with a DedicatedCore from the start, avoiding the headaches that come with moving your site to a new hosting package in the future.

VPS Server Hosting Features 

DedicatedCore which is run on an Intel Dual Xeon processor with eight CPUs. This VPS offers 1GB guaranteed RAM, 100GB space, 3TB bandwidth, four dedicated IP addresses, and cPanel/WHM.

All servers offered by DedicatedCore have the option to include auto installers, Light Speed, and WHMCS. The second-tier VPS is only a bump above the first one, as it gives you 120GB space, 3500GB bandwidth, and the same number of IP addresses.

The last tier VPS plan is also only a tad better in terms of the specifications. If you are looking for a wider range of VPS plans, you may find better options with other hosting companies.

All these servers remain fully managed. You have absolutely nothing to do in terms of maintenance or upgrades, as DedicatedCore controls everything.

The company gives you proactive server monitoring around the clock with a 99.9 % node uptime guarantee. You can have peace of mind with  DedicatedCore and DomainRacer, knowing that they are handling everything including nightly backups.


Even though DedicatedCore manages your VPS server, they do offer 24/7 support for all technical issues. DedicatedCore has real-time phone support with a US-based call center that takes in all customer support requests.

Your servers are monitored to ensure that they are running at the highest level of performance without any form of security risk.  DedicatedCore and DomainRacer include hardware management with its support services.

Which includes one hour of hardware replacements. The same applies to network issues that need to be fixed within a certain amount of time. We have tried DedicatedCore in the past and can safely say that they do offer a good fully managed service.


The ability to offer the best uptime and performance is crucial for every web hosting company in the business. DedicatedCore strives to provide very good reliability by offering services such as Server Shield and parallel-based monitoring.

The service agreement states that the company promises to offer 99.9 % uptime every single month. If the company passes up on this policy, they will refund five percent of your monthly credit to make up for any losses.

If there is a situation where a VPS server needs a hardware replacement;  DedicatedCore and DomainRacer will get it done within an hour or you get a five percent credit on your account.

The ability to offer 99.9 % uptime is thanks to the hybrid nodes that DedicatedCore uses for all virtual private servers.

Bottom Line –

Most website owners have very little server management experience, so they would want a VPS that is managed by the host.

 DedicatedCore and DomainRacer offer you all plans as mentioned before, at a very affordable price. Based on your needs, you could choose a plan that works for you. If the specifications aren’t good enough, you can add more specs for an additional cost.

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