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Why Ludo Becomes Top Money-Earning App

by Uneeb Khan

Ludo has always been a popular board game amongst Indians. The fun of playing, arguing, cheating, and even turning the board upside down during a match can bring many families closer. However, with the emerging trend of mobile and computer games with digital transformation and the lack of time in people’s busy schedules, people now prefer to play ludo online.

Reasons Ludo Becomes Top Money-Earning App

Ludo is not a game but an emotion. The excitement of playing, arguing, cheating, and even turning the board upside down during games can bring relatives and friends closer. However, with the emerging trend of digital transformation and mobile and computer games, and the lack of time in people’s busy schedules, people prefer to play ludo online.

Ludo money apps offer lucrative opportunities to earn money in real time and allow instant withdrawals to the players. 

Benefits of Ludo Game

Board games like ludo help improve critical thinking, logical reasoning, and spatial reasoning. It can motivate you to concentrate for elongated periods and helps make you confident enough to win.

The board game is an effective tool for children. It helps to develop their numeracy ability and positional language. Ludo is ideal and reinforces the concepts of colors, counting, and shapes.

The free-to-play Online ludo game app are available on Android, iOS, Kindle, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Let’s see how you can earn money using the best ludo-earning apps. Here are a few best and most popular apps. Check them out now!

  • Playerzpot
  • PlayerzPot, the new ludo earning app, allows you to play ludo online anytime, anywhere. It gives you the freedom from different pots and wins lucrative ludo money.

You can play ludo on PlayerzPot with 2 to 4 players, with everyone getting their designated token color. 

To kickstart your game:

  • Eliminate the tokens of the opponents.
  • Round off the game in the end zone to win.

Playerzpot has extraordinary features like quick matchmaking, high-end payment security, real cash prizes, responsible gaming, a fair play policy, great experience, real cash prizes, fastest withdrawal, dedicated customer support, and an instant withdrawal process.

  • MPL

MPL is one of the top-notch Ludo money apps in India. Unequivocally, it is one of the oldest and most reliable apps that permit you to play ludo against other players and earn a fair amount of Paytm cash.

The app offers a 50 signup bonus as soon as you start playing games on the platform. Join contests and grab an Rs. 75 signup bonus from MPL with a new referral. The app has norms for withdrawing a minimum amount of Rs. 20 per day.

  • Ludo Empire 

Download the ludo money game from another reliable Indian ludo-earning app, the Ludo Empire. It offers incredible ways to win real cash prizes. As per the reviews, the app is free of bugs.

The platform gives the players private rooms to join tournaments and amplify their winning prizes. The portal also offers Rs. 10 as a signup bonus. You can refer the app to your acquaintance and get more cash rewards.

  • Ludo League 

Are you missing the good old days of playing offline ludo and childhood memories? Ludo league offers you the same experience by giving 24×7 game variations, game tables, and instant money withdrawal into your Paytm wallet, along with seamless payment options.

To enjoy a sign-up bonus of 25 INR, use the referral code of this platform. It is SED2UD. There is no limit to referral earnings. The payment starts from Rs. 10. The best part is that the players are not affected by the minimum withdrawal procedure.

  • Ludo Ninja

Another necessary ludo app is Ludo Ninja, which offers you the highest sign-up bonuses. It is the best ludo-earning app, probably among all listed in this article. By each referral, you can earn around Rs. 100 sign-up bonus. 

The good news is that you can further invest in this sign-up bonus or deposit more on this app to achieve more.

The application offers a lump sum on the referral code program. Hence, it allows you to withdraw 1 INR into your bank account at the game’s onset. 

Start Your Ludo Journey with Strategy 

Since ludo is a strategy board game, you should use master strokes and a winning strategy. Wanna play ludo with your family members? Choose your four players. After that, determine the player to take the arms in the game. Next, all should roll the dice to get six and unlock the pawn turn by turn. However, some tips and tricks might help you in new ludo earning app when you play on Playerzpot.

Essential Hacks For ludo Earn money

  • Open All The Tokens 

Rolling 6s is something you cannot control. It depends on luck. The trick helps you open all the tokens and reach the home triangle. 

  • Avoid Racing With A Single Token

You can earn if all four tokens enter the home triangle. Try to move them simultaneously rather than only one. 

Try spreading your tokens out all over the board. It would help you form a block or grab other opponents’ tokens by giving you a chance to win. 

  • Grab the Opponent’s Tokens 

Ludo is about sending the opponent’s tokens back to their play yard by grabbing them. 

  • Try to block The Opponent’s Tokens! 

Block the opponent’s tokens while keeping careful eyes on the board.

  • Keep Your Tokens At A Safe Place 

Do not move a token that is about to reach the home triangle. Move the one that opponents find difficult to grab. 

  • Decide Your GamePlay 

Everyone has unique gameplay. One needs to decide before starting the game. Play safe to improve your chance of winning.  

Final Takeaways

The 2-4 player non-deterministic ludo money game has become a top money-earning app that moves the players’ pieces through a designated circuit into a winning location by rolls. Apart from social interactions, ludo builds your logical thinking capability, interpersonal skills & other cognitive skills to enjoy victory and learn from defeat.

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