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Why Is Vinyl Superior To Digital MP3 Files?

Salutations, audiophiles! I’m certain you are not listening to MP3s. I’m sure you know a lot about Hi-Res music, but I feel compelled to inform you about another fantastic method to listen to music. It is known as vinyl.

No, no. Vinyl didn’t die when Jimi Hendrix died. It is far more preferred than listening to music in digital format since it is alive. Let’s visit an online record store to buy records online, and I’ll give you four reasons why 12″ vinyl albums are superior to MP3 files.

  • Vinyl Improves Your Musical Taste

Let’s engage in a game. 2015 saw the sale of 2,400,000 copies of One Direction’s Made in the A.M., which you should search for at your local record store. Nothing?

Okay, try again. Try to locate anything by Justin Bieber. Nope? Check to see if you can locate anything by Pink Floyd. What, an entire shelf full? Why do you believe that may be the case?

It involves economics, buddy. People who enjoy vinyl are typically highly particular about the music they listen to.

They do not listen to music that is produced for mass consumption. They listen to bands with artistic integrity, create and perform their music, and play their instruments. They pay attention to excellent songwriters and possess an ear for production. Those are the kind of groups that may be found at record stores. When you exclusively listen to vinyl, you subconsciously resolve to avoid One Direction and Justin Bieber at all costs. And that’s lovely.

  • Purchasing Records Is A Unique Experience

There is something enchanted about purchasing albums. It’s the sort of experience that was lost to the generation of iTunes and Spotify. It’s the type of experience that allows you to spend hours aimlessly looking for music.

You incur risks by purchasing records without knowing whether or not they are worthwhile. You engage in conversation with others, solicit their thoughts and advice, and ultimately form friendships.

It provides a more social experience than any app or online music store ever could.

  •  Vinyl Sounds Better

Sorry, pals. This is not up for debate. Vinyl sounds superior to MP3 files.

The majority of music is transmitted in a lossy format, where details are lost and overall quality is diminished. This occurs when audio files are compressed to make them tiny enough to store thousands of them on a mobile device and stream online. Whether you listen to music via a streaming service such as Apple Music, MP3s, or even the radio, you cannot receive a whole image of that song. Vinyl is of significantly superior quality. There is no loss of audio data while hitting the record. It sounds just like the producer or band desired.

There is an additional, far superior advantage of vinyl over lossy digital forms. Vinyl dodged the loudness battle for the most part. With the emergence of digital music (including CDs), it is feasible to make a song seem louder than it would normally be. It had a significant impact on the audio quality, which is the issue. It stripped songs of their depth and substance, causing them to sound distorted and unpleasant. Due to vinyl’s analog nature, it is susceptible to the same issues as other analog formats.

  • You Can Generate Income

When you purchase an MP3 from iTunes, you do not truly own that particular MP3. You just grant a license. But, vinyl? This is a completely different story altogether. There is a large community of people who buy, collect, and resell vinyl because it maintains and even improves in value over time. When you obtain a record, you are not only acquiring an album. You are creating an investment that you may sell in the future or even pass on to your offspring. Several applications and websites facilitate the procedure.

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