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In recent years, soil repair technologies have gained great popularity. Among the various methods, two main approaches stand out: the traditional DIY method and the use of professional services such as those offered by Olympic Home Remodeling & Restoration.

The DIY method often attracts attention for its affordability and cost-saving potential. It involves the use of various materials and tools available in hardware stores and is done independently or with the help of local helpers. However, this approach may have a number of limitations and disadvantages.

The DIY method requires 

a certain level of experience and knowledge in the field of construction and renovation. This may include knowledge and practice of performing various tasks such as raising or strengthening foundations or reinforced concrete structures, repairing cracks or damage to walls, etc. For example, if a person does not have sufficient experience in the field of repair, he may incorrectly apply materials or techniques, resulting in insufficient, temporary or even opposite results. For example, attempting to lift a home’s support using jacks, blocks, or beams without proper understanding of lifting capacity and even distribution of loads can cause additional damage and even a safety hazard.

When using the DIY method

the causes and extent of the problem are often underestimated. Without a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis, hidden defects may be missed, which can later lead to serious damage and additional costs. For example, if you repair a wall with cracks without first investigating the cause of those cracks (such as a foundation problem or faulty construction), the repair may be temporary and ineffective. This may result in the need for costly removal and rework with additional repair costs in the future. And the cost of “remaking” is always at least 1.5 times more expensive than doing it right away according to the technology.

Meanwhile, Olympic Home Remodeling & Restoration offers professional structural and subgrade repair services using advanced technology and materials. One of the key methods is the injection of polymer compounds, which allows you to lift, strengthen and stabilize structures without the need to dismantle or interfere with existing components and elements.

The benefits of Olympic Home Remodeling & Restoration approach include:

  1. Expert approach to work performance. Olympic Home Remodeling & Restoration company has the experience and qualifications of specialists who diagnose and assess the condition of structures and soils using advanced methods and equipment. This allows you to accurately determine the causes of the problem and develop the optimal solution to eliminate it.
  2. High degree of security. When performing subgrade repair work, Olympic Home Remodeling & Restoration adheres to strict safety standards and uses proven technologies and materials to minimize risks to customers and the environment.
  3. Individual approach to each project. Olympic Home Remodeling & Restoration takes into account the unique features of each site and develops individual solutions adapted to the specific needs of the customer and construction conditions.
  4. Fast and efficient execution of work. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of its employees, as well as the use of advanced technologies and methods, Olympic Home Remodeling & Restoration is able to quickly and efficiently carry out work to repair defects and deformations, minimizing time costs and facility downtime.
  5. Compliance with warranty obligations. Upon completion of the work, Olympic Home Remodeling & Restoration provides a guarantee on the quality and durability of the results, which provides customers with confidence in the reliability and long-term sustainability of the work carried out.

The choice between self-repair and turning to professionals depends on the specific situation, budget and needs of the customer. Ultimately, when deciding to renovate, it is important to carefully weigh all factors and choose the approach that best suits the specific conditions and requirements of the project.

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