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Why are my Orbi default user credentials not working?

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There is no such secret back door to access the Orbi admin login or the default user interface without login credentials. You can access your router dashboard via another network device. If you change the default Orbi login password and username and then forget, you will get stuck. Reset is the only solution to find or reset your Orbi default password and username. Let us have a quick look! The below steps will help you reset your Orbi Wi-Fi router. 

Orbi router reset points

  1. Press and hold the reset button to perform a factory reset on your Orbi home router, 
  2. The reset button is generally available at the back or bottom of your Netgear Orbi login device. 
  3. Most of the reset buttons are very small. They are lodged inside a small hole so that you won’t press them accidentally.
  4. Reset removes all your default settings and configurations, including the username, Orbi default password, Guest mode setup, etc. 
  5. Thus, you should perform a reset when you have no other option left to recover your Orbi admin login password.
  6. Put a small screwdriver like your mobile into the hole to perform a reset.
  7. Press it gently for about ten seconds, and then release.
  8. Wait for a few moments till your Orbi setup device is booting.

After resetting, your Orbi setup and login require only the default information to get the Basic homepage of your router. After reset, log in to your router’s configuration page and change the login information to something reliable, unique, easy to remember but not easy to guess, and using all required criteria. 

We have also mentioned some common errors and issues faced in your Netgear Wi-Fi extender setup process. For any related query, contact us anytime for 24×7 hours.

What are my Netgear Orbi login credentials? 

A user always requires a default Orbi admin login password and username. They ordinarily use the default IP address to access the user interface page. A few exceptions are always there. Therefore, search for the Orbi default password and username on Google and other search engines. Netgear Orbi is one of the best manufacturers of WIFI devices. It has shown excellent results in supplying world-class WIFI gadgets. 

Are you too using an Orbi Wi-Fi router and the modem? Then, you might be looking for the Orbi default password and username. Netgear Orbi setup has delivered many routers and modems. Therefore, the SSID and the passkey are different concerns. It depends on the model you are using in your home or office. Look for the following methods to know your default username and password. 

Most common Orbi default user or login credentials

1. Orbi login- Default username 

If you explore any search engine, you will know that ‘admin’ is the most common or frequently used SSID (Username). Clearly stated, the username ‘admin’ is very common among users. So are most of the router manufacturing companies around the world. Even TP-Link, Netgear, Huawei routers, and modems use admin as their default username and password. 

2. Netgear Orbi login- Default password

The entire discussion in the above section was about the default username only. Now, let us explore the default password for the Orbi admin login process. The most common password used by Orbi setup and Wi-Fi devices is admin. It doesn’t mean you can always use ADMIN as the default login paraphrase. Sometimes, it does not work. We say to leave the column for the password empty. In some cases, you can use the word ‘Password’ as the default Orbi login password. For your knowledge, ‘ADMIN’ is also used as a default password for so many WIFI routers and modem manufacturers.

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