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Who is Melesia Robinson? A Closer Look at the High-Fashion Designer Taking the Industry by Storm.

by Uneeb Khan

You may not know her name yet, but trust us when we say that you’ll be hearing a lot more about high-fashion designer Melesia Robinson in the years to come. Robinson has been making waves in the fashion industry with her unique take on modern couture. We sat down with the rising star to learn more about her inspirations, her process, and her vision for the future of fashion.

What inspires your designs?

“I’m really inspired by art, music, andnature. I like to incorporate a lot of organic elements into my work, as well as geometric shapes and lines. I also love playing with color.”

How would you describe your personal style?

“My personal style is definitely eclectic. I’m not afraid to mix prints or play with different silhouettes. I like to have fun with my clothes and use fashion as a way to express my personality.”

What’s your design process like?

“I usually start with a mood board that I build from images that inspire me. From there, I’ll sketch out some initial ideas and start experimenting with fabric swatches and trim until I arrive at something that I’m happy with.”

What are your thoughts on the current state of fashion?

“I think fashion is in a really exciting place right now. There are so many talented designers creating really innovative work. I can’t wait to see what the industry comes up with next!”


  • Melesia Robinson is a name you’re going to want to remember Follow her on Instagram or visit her website. This young designer is quickly making a name for herself in the high-fashion world with her one-of-a-kind designs. With an eye for detail and a passion for mixing unexpected elements, Robinson’s wearable art is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. We can’t wait to see what this talented emerging designer does next!

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