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Which curtains are best for blackouts

For a restful night’s sleep, blackout curtains effectively block out the majority of light. Heavy-weight fabrics work best to achieve a true blackout, says Stephanie Sullivan. Expert advice on what to look for when choosing a set of blackout Curtains for the bedroom

Blackout curtains are not for:

People with very short windows might find these curtains too long, or those who want machine-washable curtains to look white from the outside will be put off by them. Who it isn’t for: People with very wide windows. It is not for Individuals with large windows. Who it isn’t for: People who prefer a limited selection of heading panels.

Blackout curtains are for:

Who it’s for: Those looking for simple-to-hang blackout curtains in a selection of sizes and hues. These curtains are ideal for those who want to spend as little as possible on blackout curtains that still block out light.

How we selected the top blackout curtains:

Blackout drapes are available in a variety of sizes, hues, and materials. A lot of them are sound- and thermal-insulating. This list offers a range of solutions to satisfy a buyer’s preferences for both form and function. Top-rated or best-selling items with at least 75% 5-star ratings are included in the reviews.

How to purchase blackout curtains:

Not all blackout curtains are created equal, so it’s important to be clear on what you need in a curtain. You should think about the installation requirements, the materials, and the style. Blackout curtains can enhance the design of a room or block out light when the time is right.

Blackout curtains have the following benefits:

The human body is made to sleep in complete darkness. Our physical and mental health may be negatively impacted by nighttime light and disturbed sleep in a variety of ways. For newborns and young children, it’s especially crucial to limit light in the bedroom. The use of curtains to totally darken a room can help night shift workers become acclimated to an inverted sleep cycle.

How are blackout curtains installed correctly?

Like any other style of curtain you might purchase, blackout curtains are hung on rods. To ensure that light does not shine over the top of your curtains, you should hang the curtain rod at least 4 inches above the top of your window in order to block out light efficiently. Even if the drapes themselves are excellent at blocking out light, light will still enter.

To install grommet-style curtains, you will typically need bigger curtain rods, which are frequently highly ornate and intended to be shown. Be sure to choose the appropriate sort of rod for the type of curtains you install.


The Evelyn blackout curtains are available in a dozen sizes and six colorways. The curtains have a reverse belt-loop tab top construction and may be hung in four different ways. Front-facing curtains offer a supremely stylish high-sheen linen texture.


  1. What attributes does a decent blackout curtain have?

The light must be blocked off by a good blackout curtain. But it depends on what you want; some people like a complete blackout while others enjoy some natural light, especially in the morning.

Due to this, MOON DREAM provides a variety of options, including room-darkening curtains that block out 90–95 percent of the light, blackout curtains that are primarily available in darker hues, and total blackout curtains that fully block out all light (available in all colors, even white). The most crucial thing is to block out all night time street lights, which our Moondream curtains do.

  1. How do blackout curtains function?

MOONDREAM’s 100% total blackout curtains provide optimal protection from sunlight and offer a total blackout effect across the entire colour range. A black yarn is inserted in the middle of the two sides of a fabric, and the blackout effect (between 90 and 100%) depends on the colour and structure of the fabric.

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