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What’s Guest Posting? & Ways to Guest Post

by Eddy Smith

Guest postings (or guest posts) are publishing articles on someone else’s site.

It’s easy.

Refer traffic is also a way for people to get more brand awareness.

Determine Your Goals for Guest Blogging

Before we get started, you need to decide your goal for guest blog posting. Knowing your goal in advance is crucial to deciding which blogs you want to submit a guest post to. Generally, there are three goals for guest blogging.

  • Position yourself as an authority and known name in the industry.
  • You can get traffic to your website by getting exposure.
  • Building links to your site.

These three things can all be accomplished if you have the right content on the top blogs.

If you are looking to accomplish #1 or #2, you will want blogs with a broad and engaged audience.

If you want to do #3, you will need to find blogs with strong root domain authority.

It will be easier to determine which blogs are the most suitable for guest posting.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

First, you need to find guest posting opportunities. The goal of guest posting is to find websites that relate to your industry and niche. This is what you are looking for in blogs.

  • The content is targeted at your industry/niche.
  • Your industry will be of interest to the blog’s readers
  • The blog is well-respected by its readers. Posts have been shared and commented upon on social media.
  • You can see that the blog owner is active on social media (so they will promote your work).

If you’re selling plant seeds, then you need to look for gardening blogs with engaged graders. The following criteria should be considered when searching for blogs:

Google Searches

Google is a great starting point for searching for guest posting opportunities. To find blogs that will accept guest posts, you can use any one of these keyword searches. You can replace keywords with keywords related to your industry.

  • Keyword submit your guest post.’
  • Keyword “guest posting.”
  • Keyword “guest post by”
  • Keyword “accepting guest posts.”
  • Keyword “guest posting guidelines.”

These searches should direct you to a blog’s guest post guidelines, guest submission page, or actual guest blogs by other writers.

Backlinks from Competitors

If you, or your agency, have done any backlink analysis for a competitor while working to improve your SEO campaign’s performance, it is likely that some of those backlinks are from guest posts.

You can use tools, if you have access to them, to look at backlinks and see any blog posts written by your competitors.


A lot of guest posters and bloggers share their latest guest postings on social networks. Twitter is the easiest to search for, so you can try the keyword’ guest post’ to find the most recent tweets about guest posting in your industry. You can follow the links and see which blogs accept guest postings.

Get to the Bottom of the Blog’s Content

It’s important to understand the content of your target blogs. While you are sure that the targeted blog contains content regarding the keyword you searched, you still need to know more about it. But there is more to that content than you know.

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