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What You Should Know About Land Surveys in Calgary

by Uneeb Khan

Real estate markets in Calgary are expected to stabilize and soon result in a new wave of demand, creating a lucrative opportunity for both property owners and property sellers.

As a property owner, you could get some serious ROI over your investments, if you present yourself in the best possible fashion. For this, you will need detailed information about your property as per its current state. And although having a survey done is required before processing a real estate transaction, having it beforehand may actually help you get a deal quicker.

But before we get into what you should know about land surveys in Calgary, let’s take a brief look at what a land survey actually is.

What Is a Land Survey?
A land survey is essentially a report that presents the various dimensions of a physical space such as measurements and elevations, along with a record of the artificial structures present on the property such as roads and buildings. There are various types of land surveys, however, the most commonly used is a topographic survey, used primarily for property improvements.

Things You Should Know About Land Surveys In Calgary

Selling your property isn’t the only time you need a land survey
There’s a common misconception that a Land Survey is only essential at times when selling a property, however, that’s not necessarily true. It’s always better to have a surveyed record of your land, as for any developmental plans that might come up from your end, you may need to submit the survey record to the relevant governmental agencies.

In addition to that, you can resolve any disputes with people who share your property boundary, and sort out any infringements present.

Land Surveys Can Take A While To Get Done
While the process of land surveys may seem pretty basic to an observer, in reality, it’s quite complex. Professionals go through a lot of research and training before they undertake a project. There is also a bunch of equipment used in the process. And not just that, during the process, the surveyors may come across some unexpected problems that they may have to deal with.

Owing to all these reasons, the process of surveying land can take a few weeks to be completed. Expecting a realistic timeline on your end is essential.

Surveyors bear the liability for any inaccuracies
The time a surveyor will validate their documentation of your property varies from state to state, however, typically they are held accountable for the accuracy of the survey for five to ten years. It’s therefore always better to hire a reputable surveyor if you haven’t surveyed your property in a while. In a situation where you incur any losses due to the inaccuracy of the survey, the surveyor will be held liable.

Keep it ethical
While most surveys are done to get only a visual illustration of the property, there are a few that are done to manipulate the results, and present a false report. Normally, surveyors examine all the facts and details and represent them accordingly. And you shouldn’t expect them to tamper with the details, because you asked so.

Land Surveyors in Calgary
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