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What is the summarizer for ?

by Uneeb Khan

To be able to report a news item, a text, or an article, it is necessary to make a report via the summarizer. The summarizer will report the essential parts of the text in a way that is clear and understandable to all readers. To summarize a literary or other work, how should one proceed? To answer this question, we will discuss the contents of a summarizer and the steps to follow to make a good summarizer.

What are the contents of a summarizer?

Summarizing a text, or an article, allows those who consult this summarizer to familiarize themselves with the main points discussed in a clear and concise manner. So, there is no need to give more than a rough overview and go into details. You don’t need to be very descriptive. We can also avoid talking about figures, dates, statistics, such elements. Unless one of these messages is necessary to make the recipient understand. Summarizing an article requires as few words as possible while remaining easy to understand. The recipient does not need to see the event or consult the original text to understand it. Finally, the summarizer must be as faithful as possible. It must not distort the facts or the words of the author (for the text). We cannot add our ideas to it. It should be noted that the summarizer and the plan are two different things. An outline is a set of headings and subheadings that indicate different parts of a presentation while an abstract is a set of clear speeches or structured texts. No matter what you need to summarize, the rules are the same. Indeed, making a summarizer allows you to implement and thus highlight your writing ability and your sense of understanding. It should be noted that the summarizer is not mentioned in the summary

What are the steps to follow to make a summarizer?

In order to make a good summarizer, several steps must be performed in order and logic. The first step concerns comprehension, which means, you need a good reading in order to know the originality of the text. You have to clear your head and just read without aim in order to take note of the text. The first reading done, you will do a second reading, but a more in-depth reading since the global overview has already been deduced from the first reading. The second reading will allow you to determine the structure of the text by highlighting the main ideas. After the readings, you need to cut the text into several sections, you can use colors for this. Doing the breakdown will allow you to better differentiate the examples or illustrations of the main idea from the main idea itself. Remember that you don’t have to go into details. In general, the word counts for summarizing each part should be fairly proportional. But obviously, a larger part than another will also have the most word count in the summarizer. Logical connectors play a very important role in a text or in an article, they are the joints of a text that highlight the sequence of ideas. The logical connectors also make it possible to determine the nature of each part; the part may be an argument, a thesis or an antithesis. Logical connectives can therefore establish the link for an addition (moreover, but still, etc.), the link for an opposition (but, however, etc.), the link for an alternative (on the other hand, that is, etc.) is the link for a consequence (hence why, therefore, thus, etc.). These are the keys to a good summarizer. 

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