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What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Used to Treat? – Learn Here!

by Uneeb Khan

People need to do hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT every once in a while. A hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a protocol to give a highly pressured oxygen to the user, which can be 2 or 3 times stronger than the normal air pressure.

The therapy itself was around at the start of the 20th century. Later on, the protocol was used to treat drivers who ventured deep sea who were suffering from sickness due to the decompression. These “bends” are certainly troubling for the divers, since they couldn’t balance their condition in a situation like this.

Thanks to technological advancements, the therapy has now become more commonly used to boost performance, maintain healthy aging, and also give the body a sense of relaxation. And yes, everyone may use this therapy to clear their minds.

Knowing about The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Have you ever seen how the therapy goes? The users will put inside the space called a chamber. These oxygen chambers will be filled with the pressured oxygen. Companies like OxyHelp usually put around 95% purity, which is sufficient enough. Going above it, like reaching 100% may increase the risk of side effects that will be felt by the users.

Since the skin will receive a great amount of oxygen, the blood circulation may be smoothen as well. Users may be far away from diseases, and they may feel refreshed at the same time. If you’re searching for a method that can solve the aging-problems, this hyperbaric oxygen therapy can certainly be a good option.

Smoothen blood flow may also be beneficial to prevent acne and improve wound healing.

The Oxygen Chamber

As mentioned earlier, users will be put inside the oxygen chamber. This comfy space is measured around 7-foot-long, in general. Some companies may have different sizes. The chamber is also equipped with a comfy pillow, so the user may calmly rest while undergoing the process.

The process usually lasts for 2 hours, and during this time, the chamber will be filled with pure oxygen with 95% purity. The reason why the amount doesn’t surpass that level is because 100% purity may have troublesome side effects, which can be a lot more severe than the benefits obtained.

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Used to Treat

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also be useful if you want to prevent serious problems in the futurem, like aggressive infections, poorly healed wounds, and others. In the professional field, the therapy can be really beneficial for divers who are often experiencing decompression sickness. The oxygen pressure may help them by giving a sense of relaxation, while also stabilizing their body condition. However, some divers may get more therapy if the sickness is severe.

People who have severe blood loss due to anemia can also be cured with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, especially when blood transfusions can’t be done. Since the amount of oxygen level can be absorbed through the skin, this will positively impact your blood flow. When the flow is smooth enough, you can get better healing capabilities, and wounds on your skin can be treated quicker than before.

Infections that may severely affect skin and brain can also be prevented with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Wounds obtained from radiation exposure, like the radiation therapy side effects or can also be treated through this therapy, although additional medication is certainly required.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also useful to make wounds faster to heal. Skin grafts and wounds from surgeries may also have a chance to heal faster after the user had this therapy.

The amount of time required highly depends on what kind of health problems you want to cure or prevent. Some users may have a light health problem, while others are suffering from a far more serious illness.

If you want to prevent respiratory health problems due to the toxic amount of carbon dioxide, the therapy will be shorter. It’s different if you want to have therapy for non-healing wounds.  

OxyHelp Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber – Why It’s Good for You

One of the best companies that may provide you with the best set of oxygen chambers is OxyHelp. The company is determined to bring quality and helpful therapy for those in need. The oxygen therapy provided may help in providing a quicker recovery rate, boosting sport performance, and preventing signs of aging.

Monoplace and Multiplace Oxygen Chambers

In order to fill the specific needs for each user, OxyHelp provides two kinds of oxygen chambers that differ in size: Monoplace and Myltiplace. ASs you might know, Monoplace is the oxygen chamber to use when there’s only one user who wants to do the therapy.

This regular chamber can only fit one person, and is the most commonly requested by customers. The size isn’t too big, and when assembled correctly, it’ll sit in any of your rooms conveniently. Since the size isn’t too troublesome, the price is also not that expensive. This is the more affordable option to have than the Multiplace one.

If you want to bring healthiness to all family members, the Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber is a very good option. The size is suitable for more than one person, and you can use the empty space for storing any small-to-medium-sized sport equipment, like the electric bike, for example. The chamber has sections, and is sealed tightly using high-quality materials. This will prevent the oxygen from leaking out of the chamber.

If you want to bring the machine into the house, the staff will disassemble it for you. Then, they move the parts into the house, and re-assemble them again into one nicely-structured chamber. If you want to bring more variation to the therapy, you can also bring a stationary bike, which you can also use while undergoing the therapy.

To ensure the aspect of quality and durability, these chambers are specifically crafted using high-quality aluminum instead of plastic or other cheap materials. This will ensure the safety of the chamber, keep the user stay comfortable when doing each therapy session.

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