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What Happens During Your First Visit To A Gynaecologist

by Uneeb Khan

It is very important for all women to get the proper health care. As we grow, the body and its needs change. Doctors suggest necessary checkups that mainly focus on reproductive health.

If any issues are diagnosed, they can be cured easily and early. However, the thought of visiting GYN/OBs can be a little challenging for most women. So, the Gynaecologist in Melbourne advises all women that it is completely normal to worry or feel nervous for the first appointment. In fact, knowing some important facts in advance can relieve stress and put the mind at ease.

Therefore, here, in this article, we are discussing all those facts in detail. Keep reading it to learn more.

Important Facts To Expect In Your First Gynaecologist Appointment

Medical History

Understanding the medical history can encourage the women to prepare themselves before the first gynaecologist appointment. The doctors will ask to fill out the paperwork that will consist of all personal details. Then, they will ask some questions that are as follows:

  • At what age do your periods start?
  • What’s the date you had your last period?
  • Do you face issues in your menstrual cycles such as heavy bleeding, frequent spotting, or pain?
  • Are you using any birth control method?
  • Do you have itchiness, discomfort, or unusual vaginal discharge from your vagina?
  • Are you planning to conceive?
  • Do you drink alcohol, or smoke?
  • Are you taking any medicines or supplements?
  • Have you had any surgery before?
  • Tell about your family’s medical history?
  • Most importantly, why did you schedule the appointment?

The answers to all these questions can ease the gynaecologist’s decision on which test to perform and what problems to discuss. Every woman should share all the information honestly as it will help to get the right solution.

Moreover, if any of your family members have had diabetes, cancer, or heart disease, ensure to discuss all these health issues with a doctor. This is very crucial in case of pregnancy as there can be chances of genetic disorders passing to your growing baby. The earlier you take the precaution, the better your and your child’s health will be.

Besides this, the GYNs will ask about the HPV vaccination that protects from HPV infections(the cause of cancer). If you have not, do hurry to take the shots. Just search the “gynaecologist In Melbourne’s northern suburbs” and get the list of reputed doctors. Select the one as per your referrals or preferences and book the appointment near your location.

The Basic Checkups

After the proper discussion, the gynaecologist will check your blood pressure, heart beat, body weight, and height. In addition, your hemoglobin and thyroid levels will be tested. All these general checkups will be used for comparisons in future health exams.

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The External Vaginal Exam

The gynaecologist will first examine the external area of the vagina and labia. It is a very necessary step to check for bumps, cysts, or lumps. In addition, the doctor will check for redness, irritation, swelling, or symptoms of hormonal issues on the vaginal part.

The Speculum Pelvic Exam

The next is a pelvic exam when a gynaecologist puts some ointment on the sterile device called a speculum and places it inside the vagina. Using this medical tool, the doctor can see the cervix(connecting the vagina to the uterus) part clearly. This can be a little uncomfortable, but there should not be pain. If you experience any discomfort, feel free to share it with your GYN.

During the procedure, doctor will put one hand on the outer part of the vagina and two fingers of the other hand inside the vagina. It will help to feel the position and size of the uterus and ovaries.

The pelvic exam is done in unusual cases like frequent blood spotting, vaginal pain, or abnormal bleeding. This test saves from the risk of HIV and infertility. With the speculum device still inside the vagina, the GYN will continue with the Pap Smear exam.

The Pap Smear Exam

This test is for checking the cancerous cells in the vagina. It is a fast procedure in which the gynaecologist takes the sample of the cervical cells using a spatula or small brush. You might feel a tight pinch inside the vagina.

Moreover, this might take a few weeks to know the result of the Pap smear test. It is because the cell sample is sent for lab testing for a clear examination. Doctors conduct this test even if there are no symptoms or any personal concerns because it diagnoses the body for cancer.

The Bi-Manual Exam

After performing the Pap smear test, the gynaecologist will remove the speculum outside the vagina and start a bi-manual exam. This exam is necessary for checking the health of the uterus and ovaries. In this procedure, your healthcare provider inserts the lubricated and gloved finger inside the vagina with one hand.

While using the other hand, they press the belly down. There is a possibility of some pressure and slight discomfort, but again remember to always share this with a doctor conveniently. The test is performed to feel any tenderness in the ovaries and fallopian tubes. This might show the symptoms of cysts or other medical problems.

The Breast Exam

The breast exam takes not much time and is completely painless. A GYN will manually check each breast while making you comfortably lay down. Through this procedure, the doctors will analyze any lumps, thickening, and discharge from nipples, or skin changes.

You can also learn how to personally check for breast symptoms, which will be helpful to prevent any breast-related issues in future.

The Urine Sample

Doctors will take the sample of urine to check for urinary tract infections, kidney health, and blood sugar level.

Summing Up

Though your first gynaecologist visit can be full of nervousness, it is very necessary for your overall health. So, if you are pregnant or face any reproductive health issues, do not wait, just schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Be confident to share everything with your doctor and get the right care and treatment. We hope you consider all facts related to the first appointment with GYN to make it go smoothly.

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