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What Different Methods are Available for Pest Controlin Surrey?

by Zeeshan Khan

There are a variety of approaches that can be taken to control pest numbers and prevent outbreaks. The optimal technique for pest control in Surrey depends on several factors, including the location and type of pests. Insects spread diseases that can be dangerous to humans, animals, and their food supplies.

Some of the most typical approaches to eliminating pests are as follows:

Method no 1: Biological Pest Control

Biological control is a strategy for managing pest populations that uses the bugs’ natural enemies and predators. So, if you’re dealing with a rat infestation and decide to get a cat, that’s an example of biological pest control.

However, biological management can be employed against insect or plant pests and their four-legged counterparts. Biological pest control is more environmentally benign than conventional pest control techniques. This is because it exclusively kills the intended pests and has no negative effects on non-target species (including our pets, favourite plants, and family members).

Method no 2: Mechanical Pest Control

This method refers to using tools and machinery to combat unwanted pests. Thermal pest control, for instance, employs heat to exterminate insects like termites and bed bugs.

Thermal heat treatment raises your home’s temperature to between 135- and 145-degrees Fahrenheit. This needs to be done carefully (between 6 and 12 hours, depending on the size of the infestation) to ensure safety and effectiveness (without inflicting harm).

Heat treatments have the tremendous benefit of typically being finished in one day, which means no moving out and no dangerous chemicals. Another benefit of mechanical pest control systems is the ability to treat individual units in huge buildings of Surrey independently.

Method no 3: Poisoned Bait

You’ve probably tried poisoned bait if you’ve ever had problems with insects (or even mice and rodents).

This method for cockroach control Surrey is effective for rodents like rats and mice, particularly when “bait stations” with meat or other food laced with rodenticide or insecticide are left out. While effectively eliminating your insect problem, this strategy poses risks if pets, small animals, or children consume the poison.

Method no 4: Trap Cropping

The primary goal of planting a trap crop, also known as a sacrificial crop, is to divert insects and other pests away from other crops. While farmers rely on this technique to reduce insect activity, you may also apply it in your garden.

Trap crops, such as sorghum and sunflowers, lure stink bugs and other harmful plant pests without harming any beneficial insects.

Method no 5: Pesticides

Chemical pesticides are widely employed because, well, they are effective. Most home improvement stores will stock at least one type of pesticide, and anyone can use them. However, chemical pest treatment might put children, pets, and wildlife (including humans) in danger. The good news is that there are many alternatives to using poison to deal with a pest problem. Therefore, if you have pest problems, it may be time to contact pest control services and discuss your choices with a pest removal Surrey expert.

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