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What Are The Best Ways To Prolong Your Car Tyre’s Life?

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Your car has lots of important parts to maintain regularly. But there is one part that always gets out of the radar of the vehicle owner until it’s too late. 

 They are the tyres of the vehicles. Yes, tyres are one of the most important parts of a car and it is due to the fact that they are the only component that comes in direct contact with the ground. Tyres are responsible for the steering, braking result, speeding result and most importantly, running of the cars.

 They also bear the weight of the whole car and the passengers inside them. And, they are in constant touch with the ground, running at high speed. So, friction and heat are a must to surface up. Also, some other factors like potholes, speeding, rash driving technique, sudden braking, debris, stone, nails, etc on the road, combining form a degradation date for your car tyre. 

Some car tyres go out due to old age and some due to compelling degradation factors as above. So, no matter what you do, you can’t use your tyres forever. 

 But, you can certainly delay their replacement date. You can always service them, maintain them properly and prolong their lifespan. Regular servicing and maintenance also come with daily inspection of tyres on your own.

 Daily garage inspection is not possible and can cost a fortune, so, we are here with a list of rules that can help you inspect and keep your Car Tyres Birmingham healthy for a longer period of time.

1. Keep an eye on the tyre pressure level

Tyre pressure level is much more crucial than you think. They just don’t decide how fast your car can move but they also determine your safety on the road. Pressure levels are also responsible for handling the longevity of your tyres. So, if your pressure level fluctuates, the tyres are prone to uneven damage. And this could result in a bigger hole in your pocket. 

The wrong tyre pressure level can result in a sudden blowout during driving on the road. This can not only put you in jeopardy but also affect others on the road. 

You can regularly check your tyre pressure level at a local gas station. The manual would have the correct pressure level on it and you can fill in according to that.

Always have in mind that the wrong pressure level means both over and under-inflation. If you think that you can fill in extra air in your tyres to make it up for the air that’s going to leak out soon, you are wrong. This is only going to damage your Performance Tyres Birmingham parts and put you at a risk.

2. Look for uneven tyre damages

Physical checkups are as vital as looking for internal damages. Physical injuries such as bulges, cuts, scrapes, scratches, etc can also lead to problems later. So, if you see any of such damages to your tyre body while inspection, go to a garage or see an expert regarding it.

3. Inspect your tyre tread depth level

Our tyre experts can never have enough of talking about how important tyre tread is. Tyre tread pattern and depth determine how safe your tyres or your entire car are on the road. They determine your braking distance, stop or reduce skidding on wet roads, stop aquaplaning and maintain the grip on the road. They are particularly important on wet roads.

New tyres normally come with a tread depth of 8mm. And that reduces after being in use for a longer period of time. Legally, you can’t use your tyre if the tread depth is below 1.6mm and our experts advise on 3mm and below. Here, the chances of risk increase rapidly.

Check your tread depth regularly and you can easily do that using the 20p coin test.

4. Overloading your vehicle is never a good idea

Overloading your vehicle with weights that are not recommendable, can put extra pressure on your tyres. And, when these tyres move on the road, extra friction comes up and results in extra heat. This can result in damage to the tyres.

5. Wheel alignment should be proper

Wheel alignment is one of the important factors that determine the health of your tyre. It also determines the steering capabilities of your car. So, always have a look at it.

There are many other ways to maintain your vehicle. Good driving habits, less speeding, less braking, etc are some of them. You can know more from our experts. Also, get the best Performance Tyres Birmingham from us. Call us now or visit our website for more information.

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