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What Are The Best Course Creator Tools?

by admin
My Teachable Review

Since I started designing courses, my learning curve has been steep.

Now is the best time to create and sell courses using your teaching talents

As someone who’s had to learn from many individuals and experiment with course creator tools, I’ve chosen to publish a post on the best tools to help your course production journey smoother.

We picked together with the top course builder tools so you can start selling your skills.

Teachable Online courses are fantastic and accessible instruments to improve vocations or talents. During the pandemic, many people have turned to the internet and are interested in these courses.

Best course creator tools are plenty. Some are free or cheap, and they may be discounted during Black Friday.

Here are the best course-creation tools.


If you want to host your courses, emails, and landing page in one location, you may do so using Podia, which is an all-in-one digital storefront.

It is the platform on which I host all of my courses, and it is probably one of the most adaptable course hosting platforms available if you are just starting out from scratch and want a platform that does everything for you in one convenient location. I use it to host all of my courses.

It makes it easier for you to sell digital things such as courses, subscriptions, webinars, and other online events. In addition to that, it offers marketing via email.

Podia also includes a fantastic functionality for the design of training courses. On the other hand, it does not include any of the characteristics that are associated with completing a course, such as certificates, badges, or assignments.


  • Very simple, great, and simple to use UI & UX. The UI makes it simple to access all functionality without the need to sift through complicated menus.
  • No external applications are required.
  • Create a membership gateway with features to increase your revenue.
  • You can promote your products to your target market using the built-in email marketing feature.
  • In addition to the courses, the capacity to design and market fully-functional, incredibly adaptable digital products.
  • Friendly, round-the-clock live customer service
  • Affordable options with no transaction fees starting at at $39 per month


Teachable is regarded as one of the greatest platforms for creating online courses, as evidenced by the fact that 68,000 instructors use Teachable. It is devoted to the creation of courses and the online sale of those courses, all without the need to deal with laborious coding and website development.

When you are constructing your class, you may easily follow the structure that is already built into it. Teachable Payments is the name of the integrated payment system that is included with the platform.


  • Because of its straightforward user interface and comprehensive set of course development tools, it’s ideal for beginners considering taking their first online course.
  • Processing payments is simplified via teachable payments. However, Paypal or Stripe can also be used to pay a third party.
  • Teachable’s moderately priced Professional Plan includes affiliate tools and completion certificates. When someone purchases your course, there are no additional transaction costs.
  • Circle.
  • Therefore, integration is a terrific tool to build a community for your students free of charge and to interact with them.


ThriveCart is a service that allows you to create high-converting check-out pages for your online courses as well as other digital and physical products. ThriveCart is an online shopping cart.

You will be able to accept payments by using ThriveCart. Because the affiliate program is already integrated within the platform, there is no need to download any additional software.


  • All features are accessible for a one-time charge and are available permanently.
  • There is no need to pay fees for each transaction, as other shopping cart services require.
  • Your clients can choose from a variety of flexible payment methods.
  • excellent client service
  • simple to use Within hours of joining up with ThriveCart, you may begin selling.
  • The lifetime value of your customer is increased by the upsell, downsell, and bump features.

For project management


In light of the fact that I collaborate on various projects with a number of different virtual assistants (VAs), such as writing, graphic design, and video editing, among other things, I required a location in which I could consolidate all of the tasks—both those that are currently being worked on and those that have been completed—into a single location and provide access to these VAs.

Trello, with its visually appealing, easily customizable, and user-friendly boards, makes it simple for course developers to organize, coordinate, and keep track of their work. Even owners of small businesses can benefit from using Trello.

The leader of the team can delegate tasks to the other members of the team through the use of Trello by putting on the different colored sticky notes the name of the individual who is responsible for completing the assignment.

Trello uses a kanban board within its software. The note can then be posted under either of the three columns or lists, which can be labeled to-do-list, doing, or done, depending on the user’s preference.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a safe cloud-based storage platform that allows you to save all of your files, including documents and sheets, online and access them from any location at any time using the device of your choice.

Sharing these documents with the other people on your team who are working on the same project as you is another wonderful idea. For example, I made a folder specifically for articles that need to be written, and I give it to all of my authors so that they can work on it and then share the finished articles in that folder.

Unless you actually submit photographs and movies, the space used up by these documents and sheets is almost negligible.

What could be more convenient than keeping all of your working files and papers in a single location that is synced?


When starting a business that provides a service, it is frequently important to engage in phone conversations with potential clients, clients who are already using the service, and business partners. The same holds true for the development of online courses; it’s a stressful work that requires constant meetings with members of the team as well as clients or leads.

Calendly is an online scheduling application that allows users to reserve and reserve time slots for future use. It used to be a burden to have to send a lot of emails back and forth just to plan a meeting, and it was easy to lose track of the meeting schedule in the plethora of other communications.

Calendly allows you to send a link to someone else, as well as post a link of your calendar on your website or social media, so that other people can see when you are available and choose the most convenient time for a meeting with you based on that information.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an excellent communication tool developed by Google that enables users to engage in video conferencing, audio calling, and messaging with the people in their contact list.

Due to the fact that it has a more organized user interface, I prefer to use it for meetings rather than Zoom. The only catch is that if you don’t upgrade to one of Google Workspace’s paid services, you won’t be able to make recordings.

Many of Google’s previous communication services, such as Google Talk, Google Messenger, and Gchat, have been superseded with Google Hangouts.

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