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What are Different Types of Packaging, and the Best for Bakery Business?

by Uneeb Khan

Remember the feeling when you picked or got your first smartphone? By taking off the seal while feeling the elegant box, the phone was in; by touching the box on the tip of your fingers for the first time, you would have felt the quality and value of the smartphone. The whole feeling was not a co-occurrence; the smartphone brands properly plan and strategize how they pack their product to set it with their brand to provide high-quality product invention and customer experience.

It is evident and ominous that packaging plays a significant role in the sensed or perceived importance of the product inside the packaging box. The approach to packaging has changed in recent years but not the packaging industry. The continuous changes and innovations in every field, be it food or technology, have made packaging more crucial as it makes the first impression about the product. Different types of boxes or packaging available in the market can make it hard for you to choose the appropriate packaging box designed specifically for your product.

We have enlisted different packaging solutions. Let’s look at all those packaging choices you can have to enhance the product value and customer experience. So let’s dive into the packaging options, which are as follows:

Paperboard Boxes:

One of the many packaging options available is paperboard boxes. They are paper-based boxes, which are light in weight, but they are sturdy and long-lasting. These boxes can easily alter to create different shapes and sizes. These features make them ideal to be utilized for customized packaging. These boxes are made of wood or recycled paper. The paperboard has different qualities, and each quality or grade can suit different packaging needs.

Paperboard boxes are ideal for cosmetics packaging, medicine, milk, juice, frozen food, and more. Many bakery businesses use paperboard as their bakery packaging boxes. Paperboard is a perfect fit for those who prefer eco-friendly packaging. Kraft boxes are not known to withstand moisture, which makes them less suited for edible product packaging. But on the other hand, the paperboard boxes with the right set of combinations like design options and etcetera can be highly beneficial without being expensive.

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Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated cardboard boxes are among the common and standard packaging materials. They are utilized as shipping, shoes, and storage boxes and are evident packaging options for e-commerce and product packaging. Many product businesses use corrugated boxes for packaging their product. They prevent the products from getting damaged when shipping but still retain the design and intricacy to appeal to the customers. These boxes, like paperboard boxes, are entirely customizable but are slightly more durable. They are affordable for being used as the packaging, shipping, and the main retail boxes.

Plastic Boxes:

Many industries, like paper clips to candles, have widely used these plastic boxes. These boxes are suitable for sharper products that can poke or cut through the material and are opposite to the cardboard boxes. These plastic boxes are quite well-functioned to resist harsh situations and are one of the best options for baked products. Plastic containers/boxes are not as expensive as people think, and they market the product definitely from any angle. 

Rigid Boxes:

The rigid boxes are also known as luxury boxes. They are the boxes that you see in high-end retail and electronic stores. The luxury boxes offer appealing and long-lasting packaging for the products. These boxes are made of thickened paperboard four times thicker than the typical paperboard. They are among the expensive options, but one can still afford them if they are to create a luxury packaging experience for the customers. Many smartphones and electronic brands use them for product packaging, increasing the perceived value.

Bottom Line:

No matter which type of box you choose from, all the packaging options given above have their pros and cons, so it’s up to you to choose the best possible choice as per your brand and product needs. You can have paperboard boxes as custom printed bakery boxes for your business. Because of their ability to be fully customizable, you can have corrugated boxes as the bakery boxes for your products.

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