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Vn88 shares information: This is the only MU player who was praised by Ronaldo in the midst of a scandal about badmouthing the club

by Uneeb Khan

According to Vn88.cx: Ronaldo criticized a lot of things related to MU in a recent exclusive interview. However, there is still a player that Ronaldo has a special favor with.

In an interview with Vn88 mobile, the Portuguese striker revealed that he felt he was being forced by the club. The 38-year-old striker also criticized the coach and stated that he would not respect current coach Erik ten Hag.

However, not every name at MU makes Ronaldo uncomfortable. In the latest part of the controversial interview with Vn88 mobile, Ronaldo named 3 MU players who are giving 100%, including one who stands out the most.

“Martinez, Casemiro plays 100% in his 30s but if I had to pick one, it’s Dalot. He’s young but he’s already very professional and I believe Dalot will play until he’s old. Young, smart. and very professional,” Ronaldo said. On the pitch and in real life, Dalot is a man who loves and respects Ronaldo.

After the interview was made public through a newspaper Vn88cx, Old Trafford also proceeded to remove all images related to Ronaldo. A large poster depicting the superstar outside Old Trafford was completely removed by staff. MU’s homepage also no longer appears any photos of CR7. In general, the day Ronaldo left MU was very close.

Before Ronaldo will be the last World Cup he attends. Portugal coach Santos has just confirmed that the recent noise does not affect Ronaldo’s preparation:

“It’s a personal interview that is kept confidential and private by Vn88 and we have to respect that. The only thing I want to say is that this interview did not affect the preparation of the whole team.” .

Ronaldo accused coach Erik ten Hag of provocation, blamed Man Utd for a heavy fine

Cristiano Ronaldo thinks that Erik ten Hag’s intention to throw him on the field in the last 3 minutes of the game is an act of disrespect.

“I apologize to my teammates and post on Vn88.cx. I’m sorry for leaving the stadium. I regret letting my teammates see my feelings and apologize to them, but I don’t. I regret refusing to enter the field”, Cristiano Ronaldo said of refusing to play and leaving the stadium in the match between Man Utd and Tottenham.

The Portuguese superstar emphasized that he regrets leaving, but not because of the decision to refuse to play The 37-year-old striker thinks that coach Erik ten Hag intends to bring him on for a few minutes. end of the game.

“Honestly, I regret leaving the stadium. Maybe, or not. I don’t know, but I can say I regret it. However, I also felt provoked by the coach. I don’t accept that the coach put me on the field for 3 minutes. Sorry, I’m not that type of player. I know what I can contribute to the team,” Ronaldo said in an interview with Vn88 mobile.

“I think it was a team plan, to make me react like that. I was very, very, very, very disappointed. I’ve never had a problem with any club, any other manager. Then they fined me for 3 days and I found it a bit harsh.

On the one hand, I feel fine for being rested, but on the other hand, I feel disappointed. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes. But, they fined me 3 days for that, I think is too much. Then they set fire to the press, which made me disappointed”- according to information shared by Vn88cx.

Cristiano Ronaldo said that the decision to substitute coach Erik ten Hag in that match was an act of disrespect. This contrasts with the previous statements of the Dutch military leader that he still respects and appreciates Ronaldo.

The Portuguese superstar said: “Don’t tell me I’m a top player, a guy who wants everything, a key player in the team who will play three minutes. That is unacceptable. , while they say respect me. That’s disrespectful. That’s why I did an action that I regret.”

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