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Various Specifications And Features Of PETG Filament Were Identified.

In 3D printing technology, PETG filament is one of the particular thermoplastic versions used in the 3D printing process. In contrast, G stands for ‘glycol-modified,’ making it more flexible and usable than PET. The glycol-modified is added during polymerization to the material composition. Therefore, compared to PET, 3D printing PETG filament will deliver a perfect print result which is less brittle and relatively simpler to use.

3D printing with PETG filament is quite popular since it offers various benefits and features to the user—making it a pretty attractive choice compared to other 3D print materials accessible in the market. Therefore, what are some of the specifications of Snapmaker PETG filament?

  • It comes in spools, whereas one spool of PETG filament is 1KG. The spool size is 200 x 65 mm / 7.87 x 2.56 “, and the diameter of 1.75 mm.
  • It has a length of 315 m / 344.49 ‘”
  • Snapmaker’s PETG filament supports a printing temperature of 230 to 250 degrees Celsius.
  • You set the printing heated bed temperature to 60 to 80 degrees Celsius.
  • It has a density of 1.26 (g/cm squared)
  • Snapmaker’s PETG filament printing speed is user-defined.
  • It has a bending strength of 70 / MPa,
  • It has an elongation at the break, a percentage of 2.5.
  • It has a tensile strength of 52 / MPa and a flexural modulus of 2050 / MPa.
  • It has an HDT of 65 degrees Celsius.                
  • It’sIt’s MFR (g/10min) is 18 (230 degrees Celsius/2.16 kg) / 230 degrees Celsius/4.76 lbs.)

PETG filament is one of the perfect all-around materials for 3D printing, making it stand out from several other 3D printing filaments that are available. For instance, if you need to create objects that can endure perfectly under sudden or sustained stress, like mechanical parts, protective components, and 3D printer parts, then PETG filament is the ideal option. Why is it capable of this? It is because of its features, such as strength, flexibility, temperature, and impact resistance. These features make PETG perfect for various applications and an ideal choice for multiple industries. Some of the industries that use PETG filament for making products include:

  • Retail industries use the filament to process point-of-purchase stands such as displays and exhibition points. This is simply possible due to PETG’s flexibility and range of colors.
  • In recent years, medical industries have adopted almost entirely 3D printing technology. It relies mainly on PETG filament due to its wide variety of properties and features. The perfect element of PETG filament that makes it entirely usable for medical purposes is its durability; it makes an ideal prosthesis, medical equipment, and so on. And most importantly, its sterilization property makes it a perfect option for the medical industry.
  • Another industry that has adopted PETG filament for its use is the food and beverage industry. A PETG filament makes it easier for food manufacturers to stay relevant to hygiene standards because you can sterilize it. Additionally, because of its durability and flexibility, it helps to protect food and beverages.

Snapmaker’s PETG filament comes in various colors, like blue and red, making it perfect for printing objects with different colors as preferred. Many users have found it beneficial to have or purchase these filaments, that is, if you find an original and up-to-standard filament. You can only find these kinds of filament at a reliable manufacturer’s point of sale, be it online or physical shop. An example of such a manufacturing company that has been echoed over the years is Snapmaker. By using their filaments, you will have no regret Read more

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