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Vaping Marijuana vs. Edibles: What’s the Healthiest Way to Use Marijuana

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People around the globe swiftly realize some of the many healing effects cannabis produces. Because cannabis use has dramatically increased across society, so have the numerous ways to absorb the powerful medicinal elements of the super plant. Most commonly, patients and recreational users take marijuana and release the cannabinoids by igniting the plant at high temperatures, inhaling the smoky and unhealthy by-product.

While this is the most traditional method of Marijuana Seeds Australia, it’s not the only option. Health-minded marijuana users have creatively come up with other options to release their favorite cannabinoids. Today, there are much healthier ways to use your marijuana of which the 2 most common ones are:

  • Vaping, and;
  • Edibles.

But first, let’s dive a bit deeper into the health benefits of marijuana.

Health Benefits Associated with Marijuana Use

Technology and medicine have progressed at such rapid rates that innovation has become the name of the game in the marijuana industry. Millions of dollars of research and science have gone toward the study and cultivation of the powerful cannabis plant.

The numerous health benefits that marijuana has been linked to are innumerable and include depression, insomnia, and auto-immune diseases. Patients and their doctors have reported success using the plant for the treatment of many illnesses and disorders.

Marijuana is a powerful plant with hundreds of naturally occurring chemical compounds found inside. Some of the more widely-known of these compounds include THC and CBD.

While tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, provides the mind-altering capabilities that many may associate with the use of marijuana; CBD is arguably the most powerful of the compounds found within the plant. Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been positively linked to reducing the dramatic effects of diseases such as epilepsy, anxiety, and many others.

People suffering from chronic pain have been prescribed marijuana with amazing results. Patients have reported their chronic pain has been alleviated thanks to the healing qualities of marijuana and the chemical compounds it contains.  

Marijuana has also been successfully used to help cancer patients cope with nausea and weight loss. The medicinal benefits of this plant are far-reaching. It has been found to be useful in nearly every medical field it has been studied in.

 Potential Health Issues Linked To Traditional Consumption Methods

While there are many recorded benefits linked to marijuana use and consumption, some scientists believe there are possible links between negative health effects and traditional consumption methods of marijuana. Traditionally, marijuana was consumed through a heated combustion process usually associated with water pipes and paper wrapped joints and blunts. These methods required the use of heat at high temperatures to release the cannabinoids. The topic is currently undecided today, but some scientists argue the high heat and thick smoke release toxic carcinogens into smoker’s lungs.

While research is still underway, some scientists and doctors have been wary of the toll marijuana smoke may have on users lungs. The American Lung Association notes that smoke is harmful to lung health. Although research is still being conducted on this topic, some marijuana users have tried to avoid the potentially harmful effects on their lungs that traditional consumption methods might produce. These health-minded marijuana users have successfully found newer, and safer methods of consuming cannabis.

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