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What Are Universities Looking For in Students: Instil these 5 Exemplary Qualities that Make You Stand Out with Charterhouse

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In an era where social media is king, the desire to go viral and live off internet fame can be strangely enticing. Who doesn’t love instant notoriety?

Recruitment officers are on the lookout for well-rounded students with qualities that set them apart; students with unique points of view and the drive to see their dreams come true Universities Looking

You’ll be surprised at how selective the admissions team can be. They give individual attention and careful consideration to each application.Here’s what you need to know:

Passion Universities Looking

First and foremost, pursuing a degree is no easy feat, which is why it’s called “higher education”. It requires diligence, dedication and zest for the subject you are pursuing. Without these, students may find themselves in a mental and emotional rut. Considering most degrees are a minimum of three to four years, that’s a long time to be in a rut!


Students should be the primary bearer of their responsibilities and have independent thoughts

In university, students will often find themselves having to do things by themselves. Take for example Charterhouse, in its A Level programme, no more than 12 students are allowed within the classroom.


At Charterhouse, the Learner’s Portfolio provides the students with the structure through which they can develop these traits and demonstrate them through their personal statements to a university, or an interview with the admissions team.


Students should be interdependent and have the ability to work with others through collaboration and teamwork

As one of England’s most prestigious schools, service-learning is integral at Charterhouse.Taking what they learn in school and applying it, in partnership, to real-world problems in the local community.


Students should have a high EQ and good communication skills

A student striving for higher learning must be able to construct a sound argument and relay it to others. Active participation in the classroom breeds a healthy social environment for safe discussions and builds on strong communication skills. Charterhouse’s education programme places great emphasis on a Design Thinking approach. Students will learn how to empathise first and foremost.

How does Charterhouse mould the quintessential student? 

Charterhouse has assembled a ‘Future Ready’ curriculum that caters to the aspiring scientist, business leader or innovator Universities Looking

Cambridge A Levels The gold-standard access to university entry around the world is the central offering at Charterhouse. It provides an intensive and all-rounded University foundation for students.

Independent Learning Programme

Students can expect to be able to formulate compelling case studies through investigative, collaborative and analytical approaches.

Design thinking

Through this approach, students build a systematic attitude towards problem-solving.

Spectra Smarts

It provides the nurturing bed to build unique perspectives. Charterhouse adopted the Spectra Smarts approach.

Charterhouse Forum

The Charterhouse Forum provides an outlet for students to explore leadership and managerial opportunities. It’s a student-led body, for students by students!

Charterhouse Learner’s Portfolio

This online platform enables students to showcase how they Study, Create and Inspire. Its dual function acts as a university application driver and a systematic documentation process, allowing students to monitor their progress and growth throughout their learning journey and demonstrate their achievements to universities and future employers Universities Looking

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