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Traveling is a great Hobby to locate Romantic Places and Hill Stations

Even though Germany has numerous flights to major cities such as Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg, Munich has become an attraction for tourists. It is located in Bavaria and Bavaria, Munich provides sightseeing options at the Hauptbahnhof, which is also known as the “main station” that is always the hub of any European city. There are also the pedestrian-only street of shopping Neuhauserstrasse as well as Kaufingerstrasse; Frauenkirche. The famed Glockenspiel Rathaus was built, replacing the clock tower with vibrant designs of bells, porcelain and music. Nymphenburg Schatzkammer Palace. Alti Pinakothek; and the huge German Museum of Science and Technology.

Schnitzel, beer, wurst and sorbet served with potato pancakes are all offered, as is the nearby bakery provides breakfast on the premises with Koenigskochen Scone.

As with many European excursions in January to visit Hilly Places during the winter break for college The journey to Munich was conducted at the time of a Christmas-themed celebration. The decorations that were adorned with a light blanket of snow enhanced the mood.


The land of the philosophers Aristotle, Plato and Socrates were discovered on the continent as well as in the islands that are part of the Mediterranean.

The first sites were, of course, those of the Acropolis, Parthenon, Acropolis Museum, Theater of Dionysus, Olympia, Temple of Zeus, Agora, Stoa Atlas, Olympic Stadium, National Archaeological Museum, Parliament, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, National Park and Hadrian’s Arch.

An excursion was planned for Delphi, the Oracle of Delphi at the Delphi Museum, the patroness of Athena Pronia and the Castilian Spring The Sacred Pavilion and the Athenian Treasury.

Lunch, typically during the “hot country” was made up of souvlakiand moussaka. dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), baklava with honey and walnuts.

He also visited various Greek islands.

Clinging to the rocks over an underwater caldera or the crater, Santorini was the city that shaped it’s two majorities Fira as well as Oyu, with their white cube-shaped houses. Olives, cheese, and wine were consumed while admiring Santorini’s harbor, before she departed in a gondola that could hold six people at the Scala on the former volcanic.


Since Amsterdam was the home for an airline with international connections my father’s work span more than three decades and the benefits of flying allowed for multiple flights. It was a popular destination as well as a transfer point as well as passport control officers always scrutinized landings. “How do you plan to stay within Holland?” The answer, even only when it was used for connecting flights would always be “one an hour”.

While counting the number of times guests have visited the same Amsterdam hotels, there was one that was just a few blocks away from Dam Square and had a converted canal house, the ham slice, Gouda cheese, Dutch Edam and Ka’s breakfast every day. Breakfast included. Bread and rolls jam, butter and coffee or tea. Also, you must locate some romantic locations in Thailand in your travel plan.


Hungary is an island-free Central European country, unfortunately only required a visit to the capital, Budapest to see Russian aircraft, however its views of the city range from architecture to the historical Buda Castle and neoclassical buildings along Andrassy Boulevard. It was stunning in the 19th century starting from Paste up to Chain Bridge.

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