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TPB Authentication Requirements

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1. Customer ID Verification Requirements

The Australian Revenue Service (ATO) and the Board of Tax Practitioners (TPB) have introduced new customer code verification rules. All holding agents and BAS agents will now have to verify the identity of their clients.

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2. When will these new terms come into force?

The new Certification Requirements (PoI) will take effect in the second half of 2022 (TPB and ATO will confirm the launch date within a specified period). Implement these recommendations in practice.

3. Does it apply to new and existing users?

Currently, ATO and TPB prefer to start with new clients or build new relationships with existing clients. No need to go back and search the entire customer list to verify your identity.

4. Is it for individual customers only?

This applies to all customers, whether they have a tax agent or a BAS agent. Represent only a legal entity (for example, a company) or not.

5. Is there anything you need to do?

No.! This is what will be run internally. But all users must provide different identification documents on request. From now on, new users will have to provide identification documents on request.

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