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Top Picks: Best Electric Scooter for Every Need

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In an era marked by sustainable transportation solutions, electric scooters have swiftly emerged as a popular choice for urban commuting, recreational rides, and everything in between. As a result, the global market for electric scooters is expected to accelerate at a 25.3% CAGR from 2022 to 2030.

Due to this rapid growth, the electric scooter market is flooded with options. It, therefore, becomes crucial to select the best electric scooter tailored to individual needs. The following guide aims to simplify the decision-making process by presenting top picks for different requirements. It will explore different features to help you identify the best electric scooter for your lifestyle.

Chetak Premium 2024
Image Source: Chetak

What are the Features that the Best Electric Scooters Have?

The penetration rate of electric scooters is predicted to increase considerably by 2030, reaching the level of 75%. Various organisations have launched the best electric scooter models to meet this growing demand. Though this has given customers the flexibility to choose, it has also complicated decision-making. Customers can, however, solve this problem by evaluating the various options and looking for the following features:

  1. Versatility for Urban Commuting

Urban life demands resilient electric scooters that can navigate easily through crowded streets. For instance, the Chetak Urbane and Premium 2024 models are constructed with a durable steel exterior resistant to dents and scratches.

Chetak customers, thus, do not have to worry about the longevity of their vehicles. Moreover, IP 67-rated water-resistant material ensures customers can ride worry-free in all seasons, including monsoons. The different eco sports, reverse, and hill hold assist modes allow customers to ride through difficult terrains.

Further, both models are equipped with a superior suspension system. It comprises a single-sided leading link in the front and an offset rear mono-shock. This, along with a low saddle height of 760 mm, allows users to ride comfortably throughout their city.

  1. Extended Range for Long-Distance Travel

Thebest electric scooters with extended battery life take the spotlight for those embarking on longer journeys. Chetak Urbane and Premium 2024 models meet this criterion.

While Urbane 2024 allows customers to ride for 113 km with a single charge, the premium model offers an extensive range of 126 km. Both these models take a short time for 100% battery charging.

Urbane gets fully charged in 4 hours and 50 minutes, and Premium takes 4 hours and 30 minutes. With a focus on battery life and quick charging, these best electric scooters are ideal for daily and long-distance commuting.

  1. Seamless Performance for Speed Enthusiasts

Best electric scooterstailored for performance, like Urbane and Premium 2024, push the limits with advanced motor technology, rapid acceleration, and impressive top speeds. Both these models offer a maximum speed of up to 73 kmph and 63 kmph, respectively.

The IPM motor provides a constant power of 4 kW and a peak power of 4.2 kW, allowing users to access 95% of total power at all times, even on slopes or flyovers. Moreover, a 200 mm front disc in Premium, a 130 mm front drum in Urbane, and a 130 rear drum provide superior braking linearity & acceleration modulation.

These models cater to thrill-seekers who crave the adrenaline rush that only high-performance scooters can provide.

Chetak Urbane 2024
Image Source: Chetak
  1. Eco-Friendly Options for Climate Warriors

For environmentally-conscious riders, electric scooters take centre stage. Chetak’s best electric scooters take the environmental benefits of e-scooters a step further. The Green Score Card allows users to track their total CO2, fuel, and money savings.

Based on this data, users can modify their riding behaviour and make informed decisions. This can contribute to an even further reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, the new Chetak is equipped with an upgraded battery pack containing more energy-dense cells.

This means that Chetak users can enjoy a higher performance with the same battery pack. It benefits the environment as battery production often leads to emissions.

  1. Connectivity Features for Enhanced Convenience

The modern consumers of today are tech-savvy. They, therefore, prefer the best electric scooters that offer connectivity capabilities. Chetak Urbane and Premium 2024 models can be connected with the Chetak app.

This allows users to track battery health, access trip analytics, receive tamper alerts, locate service centres, and enjoy easy navigation.

The Premium model further allows users to listen to music, making every ride enjoyable. Premium users can also accept or reject calls with a custom message. They can also receive SMS and WhatsApp notifications, along with alerts related to low voltage, side stand down, seat box open, etc.

  1. Design Aesthetics for a Stylish Ride

Lastly, the best electric scooters are known for their timeless design. Buyers prefer vehicles that can help them make a style statement. Chetak Urbane and Premium 2024 versions take this preference into consideration. They offer vibrant and classy colour choices. The coloured LCD of the Urbane 2024 and the new upgraded 5″ TFT display of Premium 2024 further add to the design aesthetics.

In a Nutshell

In the journey to find the best electric scooters, one size does not fit all. Buyers must, therefore, consider their specific needs and preferences. The above points have, however, made it clear that the Chetak Urbane and Premium 2024 models can meet all the top user preferences.

Whether users prioritise style, performance, or eco-friendliness, Chetak’s best electric scooters combine all such features for a satisfying riding experience. Visit their website to learn how Chetak Urbane and Premium 2024 can prove to be the best electric scooters for you!

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