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Top Manufacturing & Procurement Trends for 2022

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Manufacturing is an important sector of the economy, responsible for creating jobs and contributing to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). In order to stay ahead of the competition and ensure that your company remains viable in the industry, it is essential to be aware of the latest manufacturing trends. In this article, we provide you with seven such trends that are set to dominate the global manufacturing landscape in 2022.

3D Printing

3D printing is becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry. Here are some of the trends that manufacturers are seeing in 3D printing technology.

Manufacturers are increasingly using 3D printing to create prototypes and test parts before they produce them in a production setting. This is because 3D printing can quickly create accurate copies of a part that can be used to test the manufacturing process.

3D printing is also being used to create components for new products. By using 3D printing, manufacturers can create parts that are customized to specific customer needs.

Overall, 3D printing is becoming an important tool in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers need to learn how to use it effectively in order to compete in today’s market economy.


As manufacturing continues to move towards automation, robots are playing a larger role in the production process. This is particularly true for the automotive industry, where robots are being used to replace human workers.

One reason why robotics are so popular in the automotive industry is their efficiency. Automation can help to increase production speed and accuracy, which is critical in this industry. In addition, robots don’t get tired or emotional like human workers do. This means that they can work longer hours without complaint.

Another benefit of using robots in the manufacturing process is their ability to adapt. They are able to learn quickly and make changes on the fly, which is essential in today’s fast-paced world. This allows manufacturers to keep up with the rapidly changing market conditions.

Overall, robotics are playing a major role in the automotive industry and their popularity is only going to grow in the future. They offer many benefits that make them well-suited for this type of production process.

5G Wireless Networking

5G Wireless Networking is a new technology that will allow for faster and more efficient telecommunications. 5G wireless networks will be able to support the large amounts of data that are being requested by businesses and consumers.

5G wireless networks are already in use in many parts of the world, and more and more businesses are starting to adopt them. 5G wireless networks are perfect for connecting devices in remote locations, and they are also perfect for connecting devices with high bandwidth requirements.

There are a few different types of 5G wireless networks, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. a dense wave radio access network (DWDM) is a type of 5G wireless network that uses optical fiber to connect devices. This type of network is ideal for connecting devices in large buildings or near the ground.

5G mmWave is a type of 5G wireless network that uses millimeter waves to connect devices. This type of network is better suited for connecting devices that are close together or have low bandwidth requirements.

vmmi is a type of 5G wireless network that uses virtualized mobile infrastructure (VMI) to connect devices. VMI allows for device mobility and enables the use of cloud-based services.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Manufacturing is undergoing a huge transformation as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) become more commonplace. AI can help manufacturers and procurement consulting firms make more efficient decisions by analyzing data faster and making predictions.

Machine learning allows manufacturers to learn from past experiences and improve their processes over time. This technology is especially useful for manufacturing processes that are complex or difficult to automate.

As AI and ML continue to grow in popularity, manufacturers are sure to find new ways to optimize their manufacturing processes. In the long run, this will lead to greater efficiency and cost savings in the manufacturing sector.

Autonomous Vehicles

Manufacturing trends for autonomous vehicles are emerging and expected to grow in popularity. This is due to the many benefits that autonomous vehicles offer, such as improved safety and efficiency.

One of the most important manufacturing trends for autonomous vehicles is the increasing use of robotics. Robotics helps to automate many aspects of the manufacturing process, including the assembly of components. This makes the manufacturing process more efficient and reduces the need for human workers.

Another trend that is expected to grow in popularity is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI helps to analyze data and make decisions. This allows autonomous vehicles to operate more effectively and safely. AI also helps to create better designs for autonomous vehicles.

Internet of Things

One of the most important manufacturing trends for the future is the internet of things. This trend refers to the growing number of devices that are connected to the internet. These devices can be sensors, machines, or vehicles.

The purpose of the internet of things is to create a network of devices that can be used to improve efficiency and safety in manufacturing. For example, a sensor could be installed on a production line to detect when a machine is malfunctioning. Then, the information could be sent over the internet to a remote server for diagnosis and repair.

The internet of things has already begun to revolutionize manufacturing. It has made it possible to track shipments more accurately and monitor equipment in real time. This has led to improved quality and safety in many factories around the world.


In this article, we take a look at seven manufacturing trends that are going to be important in 2022 for sourcing company in the USA. By understanding these trends, you can start planning for how your business will need to change in order to stay competitive.

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