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Top Harvard Courses to Learn Artificial Intelligence in 2022

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Harvard provides AI courses for students as well as professionals in the healthcare industry or the corporate world. The majority of Harvard AI courses are offered in online format and offered via the edX platform. Certain executive programs and workshops are held on campus.

In the plethora of Harvard AI courses offered, “CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python” is the most popular in the reviews of students and enrolments. It’s a course that’s project-based that focuses on the algorithms that are the basis of the latest developments in artificial intelligence as well as its applications in handwriting recognition, game-playing engines and others. Take a look at the best Harvard courses that will help you learn Artificial Intelligence Online in 2022. A lot of new course for creating gaming platforms like wpc15 are being introduced these days. Do have a close eye on such emerging platforms.

Applied Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

  • This course is designed for health professionals with experience in engineering or data science and want to apply their knowledge to change the company. The course’s curriculum includes concepts like how artificial intelligence will revolutionize healthcare, important concepts of AI as well as how biopharma is being impacted by AI and more.
  • Mode Online
  • Durée:5 days

Professional Certificate of Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence (HardvardX)

  • The course is provided via Harvard University through the edX platform. It includes two skill-based courses which cover the fundamentals of programming and computer science as well as machine learning, reinforcement learning, artificial intelligence, and more. The price for this course is INR 24,298.
  • Mode Online
  • Durée:5 months

The CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

  • It’s a beginner-friendly tutorial in the use of machine learning with Python. It’s available on the edX platform free, however for a certificate to be awarded, students have to be able to pay INR 15,440.21. In addition to machine learning The course also covers subjects such as graph search algorithms, reinforcement learning, the design of intelligent systems, and more.
  • Mode Online
  • Time:7 days (10 30- 30 hour work per week)

An Introduction Artificial Intelligence with Python

  • This course is similar to the continuation that of “CS50’s introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python”. This is a course for intermediate level focused on the concepts and algorithms used in modern artificial intelligence, and applying these concepts to applications such as game-playing engines handwriting recognition, machine translation. The cost of the course is INR 2.71 million.
  • Mode Online
  • The duration: Approximately 1.5 months

Artificial Intelligence Short Course

The course is renowned for introducing the fundamentals of data science as well as administration choices executives could face when using artificial intelligence. It gives valuable advice from experienced professionals in the industry such as the founders of top AI start-ups and top executives of big corporations like J.P. Morgan, Horizon Robotics, Fidelity, Roland Berger and many others. Courses on creating platforms like isaimini 2021 are also very popular these days.

  • Mode: On-campus
  • Durée:4 days

Designing and implementing Artificial Intelligence Solutions to Health Care

  • It is an executive program that is offered through Harvard Medical School in online mode. It is a high-level course specifically designed for healthcare professionals who are looking to master the fundamental features of deep-learning and AI in order to contribute to the growth of culture and economics of the healthcare sector. The course registrations are now open. The cost for the course is about INR 1.66 million.
  • Mode Online
  • Time:10 days

Artificial Intelligence for the Business World Making Value through Machine Learning

  • It’s a two-day on-campus training program designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the latest AI patterns and developments in the visualization and framing of business implications, and so on. The program aims at training in artificial intelligence management and its application in the global business sector. The cost of this program is around INR 2.24 thousands.
  • Mode: On-campus
  • Time:2 days

Achieving with HTML0 in the Age of AI – Virtual

This course can help companies to adopt an AI-based model of business. Students will learn about the applications of AI machines, machine learning prediction modelling, data science network effects and platform strategies in this course. This course will not only enhance their efficiency, but it will also provide opportunities to gain an advantage in competition. The cost for the course is INR 3.87 thousands. If you are bored doing all these online studies, its not a bad idea to explore platfors like 9xmovies green and do some binge watching.

  • Mode Online
  • The duration is8 months (5 8 hours per day)

Harvard Business Analytics Program

  • It’s a professional certification training for business executives who are looking to increase their knowledge of data analysis. They will acquire the latest technologies like Blockchain, Digital Strategy and AI/ML. They will be able to gain important insights from data and apply these to improve the performance of their business. The cost of this program is around INR 39.94 million.
  • Mode Online
  • Durability:9 months full time or 18 months part-time

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