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Top 5 Money Earning Apps – Best of 2023

by Uneeb Khan

Check out the top 10 money-making applications if you’re looking for new methods to supplement your income. There are more than ten apps that can help you generate money, but I wanted to highlight the top ones for quick cash.

To be sure you’re getting the most money for your time, look at the highest paying applications. For both Android and iOS devices, there are money-making apps on this list.

Through interviews with and testimonies from users of the top 5 apps on this list, I will also share with you the details of 5 additional apps that are actually legitimate sources of income.

These are the best online income applications I have used or looked at.


One of my favourite online top earning apps is Rakuten because, as long as you make the purchase through their app, you can receive cash back on items you would have purchased regardless. How? For sending customers to their store, retailers receive a commission from Rakuten. You both benefit because Rakuten shares that commission with you.

By introducing friends and shopping online with Rakuten, I have earned more than $500.
I shop online (if shipping is free) to take advantage of my Rakuten benefits when I know I want to buy something but don’t need it right away.

I’m receiving a nice $265 check soon! Now available on iOS, this is the top Android app for making money.

If you sign up for Rakuten through my link, you will receive $30 after making an online purchase of at least $30.


Dosh is an essential cash back app, and I ADORE it. It’s all passive money because all you have to do is attach your credit or debit card, and then participating local and national retailers will automatically offer you cash back when you travel, eat, shop, and more.

I was out to dinner with my spouse for our anniversary when I realised I had this app, and after we paid, I got this email.


Ibotta is another app that lets you receive cashback for things you would already be purchasing. This software is AMAZING.

This is how it operates:

Before you go shopping, download the Ibotta app and add offers on items you would regularly buy.
Purchase the goods you’ve chosen from any participating shop. Remember to bring your receipt!
Take a picture of your receipt to redeem your offers. Ibotta will give you the money after matching the things you purchased with the offers you choose!
Within 48 hours, the cashback will be deposited into your Ibotta account.

I’ve already earned $105.53 from purchasing and introducing friends. If you refer new members, you receive $5 and they receive $10!


Acorns is a cool app that makes money and encourages microinvesting. Your purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollar, and it invests the change on your behalf.

For instance, if you pay $1.75 for a coffee, Acorns will automatically round it up to $2.00 and invest $.25 in “smart portfolios”. Link as many credit or debit cards as you desire, then invest your “change” in a cheap ETF.

I recently got this app, and without even realising it, I made over $50. Withdrawals are free, but you should be aware that they can have more of an impact on your taxes the following year. Visit our Best Online Earning App in Pakistan.

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