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Top 5 Career Management Platforms

by Zeeshan Khan

Career management platforms allow employees to develop personalized development plans and track their progress. These tools can increase employee mobility and morale as well as be used to evaluate talent and identify high-potential employees.

Finding a career management platform like 92Career that meets your specific needs takes careful thought. Look for solutions with accessibility features and that are user-friendly for both managers and employees.


Paycor provides a number of features and functionality, such as payroll processing, HR management, employee self-service portal, robust performance tools and scheduling/time tracking tools. Furthermore, Paycor places great emphasis on supporting its employees through chat support lines as well as telephone lines and an online support center.

Paycor’s user interface may lack visual appeal compared to some solutions; however, it provides a customizable dashboard to access data sets pertinent to specific business requirements.


Workday is an HR software solution with multiple features and functionalities that is highly intuitive for frontline employees and requires less change management to set up. Furthermore, Workday makes time tracking more accessible by allowing employees to clock in/out using desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

This software features a learning management system which enables users to personalize training and development programs for specific employee groups, as well as a talent management suite which features performance monitoring and career planning tools.


Lattice is a people success platform that integrates continuous performance management, career development and growth, goal setting/OKRs/compensation management into one powerful solution, helping businesses of all sizes improve employee engagement and productivity.

Users love this software’s one-on-one meetings, which can be scheduled on an as-needed basis and feature discussions of goals. Furthermore, they appreciate its Team Dashboard layout that lists all upcoming meetings.


Leapsome is an agile people enablement platform that empowers managers and employees alike to work towards company goals collaboratively. Additionally, this tool features feedback and recognition features designed to foster collaboration and transparency within an organization.

Customization options enable users to tailor the platform specifically to their own needs. They can create reusable review templates and automate probation period or annual reviews, as well as use it to identify skills gaps and make more informed decisions regarding employee training.


DevSkiller is an industry-proven platform for assessing, developing, and managing digital talent. The two primary products – TalentScore and TalentBoost – provide recruiting professionals and HR teams with numerous features and tools.

This software helps streamline the complex recruitment process by quickly and accurately identifying required skills. Furthermore, it improves accuracy by eliminating unconscious bias. Furthermore, it offers real-world testing environments and enables candidates to use libraries and frameworks found within an enterprise setting for testing purposes.

Insala Mentoring

Insala Mentoring is a software solution for career development that offers tools and functionality for career management. It enables organizations to implement mentoring programs that foster engagement, retention and skill acquisition.

The software offers a scalable mentoring platform that matches mentors with mentees using data, insights, and machine learning. Additionally, it features an easy-to-use platform with numerous features for participants’ success.


Paddle sports provide an ideal way to escape the busy modern world and reconnect with nature and those you care most about.

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Vectorly is a talent management solution designed to accelerate engineering (tech and design) team growth faster. The tool allows managers to identify skill gaps, launch performance reviews, conduct one-to-ones and more – helping teams to grow faster than ever.

Vectorly offers an easy setup process and real-time integration with Gitlab, Jira, Trello and Figma for seamless team communication and employee feedback tracking. Furthermore, its low resource consumption makes this software impressive.


TalentGuard is a cloud-based software solution designed to assist companies in nurturing the most vital asset: their employees. Features of TalentGuard include performance management, development planning, career pathing and more.

This software features a predictive talent analytics engine to anticipate future workforce needs and identify any flight risks, while helping reduce vacancy costs by increasing bench strength. Generative AI continually refines and updates role and skill taxonomies based on real-world labor market data and customer feedback.

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