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Tips to Create Resource Page Link Building

by M Asim

Resource page link building is an advanced link-building method that can increase your website authority as well as increase website traffic and ranking on SERPs. Resource page link building simply means a link that comes from resource pages that have referenced the resource pages in content from useful industry resources. So let’s know about resource page link building.

1] Find Niche Relevant Resource Pages

First you have to find niche-related resource pages. You can find resource pages manually or use paid tools. Using Google search operators, finding resource pages is very easy and can be done for free. For example,

Recipe title:resource inurl:links.html

Recipe title:links inurl:source.html

Recipe inurl:.com/resources

Recipe inurl:resources title:resources

You can check this method to find resource pages.

2] Vet the Pages Authority, Traffic and Domain Authority

Website authority, traffic, and domain authority monitoring is very important when you get resource pages from the above method. Because if you have taken a link from a spam website, it will lower the website ranking. You can manually find high DA, and DR websites to create a list and maintain your data in your spreadsheet. For that, you can perform batch analysis or use a third-party tool like Screaming Frog.

Once you have created a list of highly authoritative websites you now have to reach out via email. There are many email outreach templates available on the web, if you don’t want to put in the effort you can use email marketing tools. Also, if you want to generate more leads and do email marketing for your business in boulder City, hire boulder seo company. Here I have given a small example of the outreach format, please check this format.

Hey, [Name].

Just got your list of resources here: [link].

We just created [x].

It can make a decent addition to the page.

After finding the backlinks profile of websites known resource link building page and keep your data in Google sheet. For better results, you can filter for advanced results. From the sheet, search for list of resource pages. For example, if your SEO company is in salt lake, you can simply search for “salt lake city seo agency.” This process can be very easy using SEMRUSH or AHref tool.

Finally, search for pages with resource sections on the listed websites. You can put your link to read more, continue reading, continue reading, learn more, etc. and the owners can give you easy resource page links. So you will earn high-quality resource page link building and drive more traffic to your website.

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