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Tips to Cover All Important Topics for NEET PG Efficiently

by Uneeb Khan

Every year thousands of candidates appear for one of the most grinding national-level PG exams — NEET PG, to become future life savers. But do all of them succeed to achieve their goal?

The truth is better not said! So, what actually is it that makes the difference between those who succeed and who does not?

It is their preparation that makes some candidates score better than others. 

Yes, it is very important to structure your preparation strategy especially when you have 19 subjects to cover. Many candidates do not consider this and end up focussing too much on low-weightage topics. This leaves the high-weightage topics unprepared and hence leads to bad performance in the exam. 

Let’s see some tips to cover all the important topics for NEET PG in an effective way.

Consider weightage

Addressing the elephant in the room first, you must find a way to perfect balance between the high and low-weightage topics. 

Once you have sorted the topics as per their weightage, it will be easier for you to dedicate the right amount of time to each topic accordingly.

Here’s the subject-wise weightage of questions in the NEET PG exam:

S. No.SubjectWeightage
3. Biochemistry15
4. Pathology25
7. Forensic Medicine10
12. Radiology12
13. Dermatology7
17.Obstetrics and Gynecology25
18.Preventive and Social Medicine25

Now that you have sorted the weightage of each subject, you can easily divide your time for their preparation.

Other Useful Tips For NEET PG Exam

  • Prepare your schedule and stick with it

Your preparation would be incomplete without a schedule. So prepare a timetable for your preparation. Devote dedicated hours to it and make sure you follow it religiously. Skipping even one day would disturb the balance of your preparation. So be regular with your studies for the NEET PG exam

  • Focus on high-yield subjects
    Make sure to cover all surgery important topics for neet pg as it is one of the most important subjects for the exam along with OBG, Preventive and Social Medicine, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology,etc.
  • Make notes and highlight important information

Very important, make sure that while reading a topic, you underline or highlight the points you feel are important for the exam. Along with that make notes while covering each subject so that it saves you time during the time of revision.

  • Take coaching & seek advice from a mentor
    Preparing for NEET PG at home without coaching is not going to be easy. You need an Online NEET PG coaching or a mentor to help you move in the right direction. Taking a coaching will sort everything out for you— notes, mock tests, question bank and most importantly, advice and guidance from mentors.
  • Revise regularly

Usually, candidates begin their revision once they have completed the entire syllabus, but this practice may not get you the best results. Dedicate a few hours for revision every day. This will help you complete more revision cycles by the time you finish the syllabus.

Your exam performance is totally dependent on your preparation. Make the most out of it with these tips.

Good Luck!

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