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Tips for Taking a Long Road Trip

by Asim Khan

Take these helpful hints into mind when organizing your next road trip to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable journey.

There is more than just packing that needs to be done in advance of your road trip. Unfortunately, “highway hypnosis” is all too typical among travelers who haven’t trained for the rigors of a long journey. According to a survey conducted by Sleepy’s, over 60% of drivers admit to having operated a motor vehicle while feeling sleepy.

Tips For Taking Long Road Trips

That fact alone should motivate you to take precautions before embarking on a long drive. So that you may drive safely and remain attentive and enthusiastic the whole time. This driving advice will come in handy later on.

1. Ensure that you Get Enough Rest the Night Before Your Trip.

Take into account the possibility of tiredness before setting out on your journey. Rather than on the way there. You should rest for at least seven hours each two consecutive nights before hitting the road. A fresh morning is preferable to a tired evening when you plan your journey (unless you plan to stop). Stay awake and refresh by stopping about every 100 miles, or every two hours.

Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus recommends that people not go behind the wheel between the hours of 1 and 3 p.m. When their core body temperature is at its lowest and they are more likely to nod off.

2. Maintain Your Vehicle

If you are taking a long road trip then first thing is to get a maintenance car. If you have a good car with a healthy engine then you can easily enjoy your road trip. It is better to get a rent a car service for road trips because car rental agencies always have top-quality and well maintain cars.

3. Pack Nutritious Food for the Car Drive.

You will be able to make it through the long journey on smaller snacks. If you bring along a range of nutritious foods that are packed full of vitamins. That will help you to avoid stopping fast food.

Gretchen Breuner, a blogger and travel expert who is also the author of the book The RoadScholarz: Lessons from the Scenic Route, adds that her favorite foods to keep her attentive are carrots and almonds.

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated.

Maintain a full water supply in order to preserve the maximum amount of available energy.

“A possible drawback to this, of course, is that you’ll need to make more restroom stops,” says Breuner, who was traveling to 19 states with her family in an RV in three months’ time.

 Breuner and her family visited the states in three months. Check out this list of important items and tools that you should always have in your vehicle. To get a better idea of what to pack on a vacation that involves driving and it helps in increasing driving skills.

5. Prepare Your Pit Stops in Advance.

According to the recommendations of Haririi Rent a car lahore. Getting out of the car and stretching your legs approximately every two hours is one of the most important things. That can be done on long car rides. It is important to factor in these stops when planning a long journey. Whether you want to stop for meals or so that you can see fascinating sites along the way.

6. Chew Some Gum.

The repetitive motion improves circulation and maintains a state of awareness. According to Breus, a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. And the author of Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health. “You don’t need the sugary variety to get the intended effect.”

7. Use Energizing Smells.

A source of peppermint aroma should also be kept close by while driving for extended periods of time. As recommended by Breus. When you feel like you could use a pick-me-up, give it a whiff. It is a nice, all-natural pick-me-up that has been proven to reduce fatigue and boost alertness, he says. “It has been shown to do both of those things,” he adds.

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