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Things You Need To Know About DVC Resale Listings

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Owning a part of Disney real estate has got some nice ring to it— something most people would agree on. Regardless of how much (or how little) the portion of that ownership is, it’s not the issue because well— Disney.

Aside from that, one gets to go on yearly trips to the ever-famous Disney resorts. So really, it’s not bad at all.

But it does get better all thanks to DVC resale listings and if you are curious to know more about it, then definitely keep on reading.

How Does DVC Resale Work?

To own a Disney Vacation Club membership means to spend a significantly huge amount of money.

And while that’s worth the splurge for some, given all the exclusive discounts and benefits one gets from being part of the club, others are not entirely up for it.

For this reason alone, the DVC resale market has become the go-to place for individuals looking to join the vacation club but without spending a fortune on membership.

What Are DVC Resale Listings

When you visit a website that lists or sells Disney Vacation Club contracts like DVC Resale Experts, you are presented with listings for you to choose from.

These listings are from all 15 DVC resorts and can be narrowed down to your preference. All you have to do is use the filter option where you can choose according to the contract size, home resort, use year or price per point.

From a buyer’s perspective, this feature makes it easy to find the best listing that you can purchase.

If you are browsing with the intention to sell your membership, then checking the DVC resale listings will give you an idea on how the transaction works.

How Can You Resell Your Membership Contract?

There are typically two ways a member can resell their contract: Request for listing or an instant offer.

But don’t just list them anywhere. Finding a reliable resale market like DVC Resale Experts can improve your overall experience.

Request For Listing

On the seller’s side, if you want to get the best offer for your contract, then requesting for a DVC resale listing is the ideal option for you.

Doing so means that your contract will be pooled in the DVC resale market while waiting for an interested buyer to place an offer.

Request For An Instant Offer

If you want to quickly earn from selling your membership, then an instant offer would make the most sense.

There’s no waiting time required for this option as you are given your earnings as soon as the transaction is done. The way it works is that upon requesting, instead of a specific buyer purchasing the contract, the resale provider will buy it from you.

You may not get the best value, but what’s good about this option is that you are guaranteed the sale and quickly, too.

Final Thoughts

A trip to any Disney Vacation Club resort is always a magical experience both for kids and the young at heart. There’s just something about their resorts that makes a vacation even more memorable so imagine getting to do just that on a yearly basis.

As a seller who might have had the opportunity to explore some, if not most, of these resorts, listing your DVC contract is a practical way of earning back a portion of the money you spent on the membership.

These listings are also beneficial to interested buyers, as one can enjoy the well-loved resorts at a fraction of the cost.

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