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These Are the 4 Steps for Air Conditioning Installation

by Eddy Smith

It’s now that you are a homeowner, and you know it’s finally time to replace your old AC system. You’ve made numerous HVAC technician calls to repair your AC unit. But the time has come. Air conditioner replacement is possible.

It can seem overwhelming to think about all the details, not only financially but also in ensuring that you have an ideal air conditioning system for your home. When choosing your next air conditioning system for your home, it’s important to have professional air conditioning installation. This will allow you to get the best from the new appliance. You should leave the installation of your HVAC system to professionals who are HVAC experts.

What should homeowners expect when they schedule air conditioning installation? This article will show you how to get your cooling system back up and running in four easy steps.

Evaluation of Your Existing System and Its Removal

You must remove any old air conditioners before the new system can be installed. Your air conditioning technician will ensure that your area is safe and clean up all debris. Your installer will usually handle the disposal of any old air conditioning units.

Your air conditioner will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home to determine if there are any air duct leaks. Any repairs that are required will be communicated to you.

Installation of the New Air Conditioning System

Once the old system is removed, you can begin the installation of your air conditioner. This may require new connections for ductwork and/or piping depending on how old or new your air conditioners are. All electrical connections must be checked, and the system will be refilled with refrigerant according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The new air conditioner will then be tested to make sure it works correctly so that you can get started using it once your technician has finished.

Installation or Inspection for Your Thermostat

All new air conditioning systems include a thermostat. If you would like the thermostat to be installed during your visit, the installer will do it at the same time. If you prefer, your installer can also install the new thermostat. In such cases, they will only check that the connection between the thermostat and the air conditioner is working properly.

Installing a completely different thermostat system, such as a smart or learning thermostat, can be done by your air conditioning professional if you have your current thermostat. If not, you can make a request for a future service visit to have a new thermostat installed. Your installer will be sure that you understand how to use the new thermostat before he leaves.

Final Check and Maintenance Advice

After the air conditioner system has been installed, your technician will give it a final test. Your technician will then inspect the system and discuss any necessary maintenance. You can choose to schedule your first AC repair now or later. Your HVAC contractor can tell you how often professional care is necessary and answer any other questions before your installation is complete.

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