The Wuling Hongguang, the Chinese wonder car, is also highly sought after by the locals in Indonesia!

In ancient China, even in the busy commercial markets, the avenues were potholed as if they were now dirt roads in the countryside. The rich merchants and princes in their carriages and sedan chairs had no idea that the road construction and transportation industry in urban and rural areas would be so well developed nowadays, and that China’s car manufacturing industry would even be influencing the world.

For example, the domestic wonder car Wuling Hongguang has been called by Forbes magazine: the most important car on earth. In the field of MPVs, Wuling Hongguang has dominated sales for years since it was launched, and even the most popular Ford F-series models in the United States have been out of reach in this matter of sales with reasonable harga Wuling.

Now, Wuling Hongguang is even out of the country, the national god car transformed into a global car. With the support of SAIC Group and its shareholders, the prototype of the Wuling Confero produced in the Indonesian plant is the same as the Wuling Hongguang.

It is not difficult to see the Wuling Confero in the streets of Indonesia. Not only do the local people like the Wuling Hongguang, but the local government has also purchased a number of Wuling Hongguang for use as ambulances and taxis. Its product power is no less than that in China, and it is a family MPV that can fully meet the consumer needs of Indonesian customers.

The Wuling Hongguang continues to be a durable and spacious vehicle in Indonesia. Indonesian families are large, and the family concept is even stronger than in China, with three generations in the same family, and not a few in the fourth. So they look for the durable and large space of the Wuling Hongguang, which can meet the daily travel needs of large families. It is worth mentioning that the Wuling Confero’s third row of seats folds forward to double the boot space, so all kinds of family supplies can fit in.

The Wuling Hongguang is also praised by the Indonesian people for its low number of problems and cheap maintenance. The Wuling Confero is cheap to maintain and does not break down easily, and even if there are any minor problems, the parts are cheap to replace and can be fixed by those who know a little about cars at home.

The Wuling Hongguang Confero is based on the Wuling Hongguang in China and is designed to suit the characteristics of the right-hand drive model and the actual local usage.

The reason why the Wuling Hongguang is called confero in Indonesia is its own elaboration, meaning “to get together” and “to be together”, expressing the understanding of local cultural values in Indonesia, as well as the good expectation that the people of China and India are connected by blood, harmony, and friendship.

If you travel to Bali, Jakarta or Bandung during the National Day holidays, you might just get to ride in a Wuling Hongguang confero! The Wuling Hongguang is not only the car of the Chinese people, but it is still a great car overseas, and I hope that it will go further and further to the world.

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