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Kedarkantha Trek (Narrow Base Camp) is well connected by roads to Delhi and Dehradun. The journey starts from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. There’s only one option to reach the journey by road to Sankari and also a 10 km journey from Shankari to Kedarkantha and another 10 km return journey. The total distance from Shankari to peak and return is 20 km, which you have to cover in a journey of 4 days, you have to journey only 3 – 4 km per day. 

The distance to the Kedarkantha trek camp (narrow) is 190 km. Is From Dehradun, about 450 km fromDelhi. However, Uttarakhand to start your journey. If you want to journey also you must first come to Dehradun. Dehradun is well connected by road, trains, and breakouts, you can take any mode of transport to reach Dehradun from across the country. Read this blog till the end to know all the details about “How to reach Kedarkantha Trek”.


Sankri is a small city in the Uttarkashi quarter of Uttarakhand. The narrow is the base camp for Kedarkantha, Har ki doon, Rupin Pass, Borasu Pass, Balipass, Devakira, Dhamdhar Kandi Pass, Black Peak Expedition, Phulara Ridge Trek, and numerous further journeys. For these journeys you have to reach Shankari first, after that you have to journey all these journeys from Shankari. Sankri’s height above ocean position is 1930m. Shankari is well connected by road. You can reach Shankari by machine or hack. We’ve mentioned all the details that how to reach the journey below in this blog. Go through this blog to get all the information about it.


Here’s all the information on how to reach Kedarkantha Trek from Delhi. For the journey from Delhi, you have to reach Dehradun first as we mentioned above. There are three ways to reach Base Camp Sankri from Delhi, 1 – About 450 km by road. 2 – By flight to Dehradun Goligrant field, and also 190 km by road to Shankari. 3 – From Delhi Railway Station to Dehradun by train, 3- 4 trains from Delhi to Dehradun We’ll bandy these points in the detailed information below.


The journey distance from Delhi by road is about 450 km. There are numerous ways to reach by road. Let us bandy these styles

in machine- To reach Delhi you have to reach Dehradun first, there are direct motorcars from Delhi ISBT( Kashmere Gate) to Dehradun, the total distance from Delhi to Dehradun by road is around 265 km, and from Delhi, it’ll take around 7 to 8 hours by machine. 

Dehradun You can also take a lathe machine from Delhi ISBT to Dehradun and also from Dehradun to Sankri by hack or machine Well, we will talk further in this composition about the motorcars from Dehradun to Sankri and after reaching Sankri Base Camp, you’ll have to journey for 20 km. Total journey and return from Shankari to Kedarkantha.



Two express trains are relatively accessible if you want to reach Dehradun from Delhi by train. The train is a late trip. The two trains are mentioned below

Nanda Devi Express – Train no 12205( Departure 1150 pm appearance – 540 am)

Dehradun Express – Train no 12687( Departure – 910 pm appearance – 500 am)

Take these two trains from Delhi to Dehradun on the journey date chosen by you, so that you do n’t have to stay another night in Dehradun, for illustration, if your journey date is 24th December, also take an late train from Delhi to Dehradun On the night of 23rd December so that you reach Dehradun in the morning of 24th December, after that we will take you to Sankri from there or you can go to Shankari singly by machine or your hack also.


Jolly Grant Airport is the common field of three metropolises i.e. Dehradun, Haridwar, and Rishikesh, the distance of this field is 25 kilometers from Dehradun. You can find online breakouts from different corridors of the country to reach Dehradun for the journey.

From Delhi to Dehradun Take a direct flight from Delhi Airport to Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport.

gleeful Grant Airport by Flight The nearest field to reach Dehradun is located at a distance of about 25 km from the megacity. You can find regular breakouts from Delhi to Dehradun. Still, if you’re planning to reach Dehradun by flight, it’s better that you arrive a day before.


 Dehradun to Kedarkantha Trek distance is 210 km, a 90 km drive from Dehradun to the Sankri base camp of Trek and also 20 km journey, over and down, two modes of transport from Dehradun to Sankri on both sides are Hack or hack to Sankari If you bespeak the journey with us also we will arrange all the transport from Dehradun to Sankri by hack or hack which will be on a participated base which will bring youapprox.Rs 750 to Rs 850. If you want an individual hack or hack also it’s Rs. From Rs 3500 to Rs 5500 for taxicabs like cruisers and SUVs, it’ll be 9000 one- way for one- way and tempo- rubberneck.

For my alternate machine, there are 2- 3 motorcars from Dehradun to Sankri, the timing of motorcars from Dehradun to Sankri starts at5.00 am and the last machine of UTC is till 7.30 am, machine ticket from Dehradun to Sankri will be around 400.


The distance from Dehradun is 190 km.

Distance from Delhi is 450 km.

The distance from Shankari is 10 km.

The distance from Mori is 35 km.

The distance from Purola is 65 km.

Distance from Mussoorie is 164 km.

Distance from Haridwar is 240 km.

The distance from Rishikesh is 238 km.

Distance from Jolly Grant Airport is 223 km.

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