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The Value of Co-Curricular Activities for Students in the Best CBSE Schools in Noida

by Uneeb Khan

There is a lot of pressure on students to perform well on their exams and earn decent grades. Although it’s natural to want pupils to perform exceptionally well on their tests, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The problem develops when youngsters just focus on their literature and do not have a life outside of a CBSE Noida school. Students have the chance to develop particular skills through extracurricular activities. Co-curricular activities are a great way to venture outside of the classroom and engage in something new. In addition to extracurricular activities, these events give students a chance to showcase their non-academic skills. Their sense of accomplishment at having completed something while still in school is increased.

Why Are Extracurricular Activities Vital in Secondary CBSE Schools in Noida Alongside Academics?

1. Increases Self-Esteem

Co-curricular activities are important for several reasons, one of which is that they help students feel more confident. No matter if your kids like to sketch and paint or play cricket, having their talents acknowledged outside of the classroom will improve their attitude and self-esteem. Co-curricular activities benefit students in several other ways, including greater fitness and the development of positive character traits. This boosts children’s self-confidence while teaching them to trust the team. A confident child is more equipped to overcome challenges in real life with ardour. Not every student succeeds in the best schools in Noida. Because of this, achievement in or recognition for involvement in a co-curricular activity can greatly enhance children’s self-esteem.

2. It Supports the Growth of Social Skills

An alarming number of kids are developing into awkward social beings. By engaging in extracurricular activities, they can meet like-minded individuals, overcome social barriers, and develop positive relationships with one another. Being a part of a group with extracurricular activities allows children to contact people who have similar interests to them. Additionally, it enables individuals to widen their social network and even develop new acquaintances outside of their immediate social circle. Students simultaneously pick up on the value of teamwork and learn about it. Additionally, it will shift their focus from annoying behaviour and inappropriate behaviour.

3. The Ability to Manage Your Time

Co-curricular activities also aid pupils with time management, which is another advantage. Studies show that kids who participate in extracurricular activities understand time management better than their non-participating peers. They develop the ability to prioritise their tasks so that they can quickly complete the task at hand. Through extracurricular activities, kids develop vital qualities like leadership and time management. Children who participate in extracurricular activities try to reconcile their academic responsibilities with their interests. Children’s ability to manage their time and set priorities will benefit from this. Students that participate in extracurricular activities develop their time management and prioritisation skills. Additionally, co-curricular activity participants often have good time management skills.

4. Motivates You to Find a Hidden Talent

Each child is born with a wonderful talent, but academics is often a skill that must be mastered. Few individuals, though, can name it. A great opportunity to challenge oneself by trying new activities and considering novel concepts is sustained throughout secondary school. Through involvement in extracurricular activities, students can find a new hobby, skill, or even career goal. There are other places than the classroom where people gain inspiration. Kids can express their skills through extracurricular activities, which also provide them with the ability to fly in the proper direction.

5. Being Accountable and Having a Sense of Dedication

Students who participate in extracurricular activities in the best schools in Noida develop a sense of commitment and accountability. Children must partake in whatever activities they are involved in and give those activities their whole time and attention. When they are given the responsibility of leading the team or assisting their underclassmen, they frequently develop leadership skills. They will consequently develop a stronger sense of responsibility and obligation. An individual is more likely to commit to anything for a longer amount of time if they participate in co-curricular activities. Additionally, by taking part in the same activities year after year, many students get the chance to improve their leadership abilities.

6. Individual Development and Advancement

According to research, extracurricular activities help kids develop a sense of concern for their friends. As a result of extracurricular activities where they have the chance to collaborate with their classmates, children, on the other hand, gradually develop this mindset through time. Children also simultaneously learn how to share and care for one another. A well-rounded personality can be developed and improved through extracurricular activities. As they experiment, students learn how to handle unusual circumstances. They would be exploring areas they had never explored before. They will gradually develop self-assurance and a well-rounded personality as they become acclimated to new aspects of life. Because they used those brief, priceless times for anything other than schoolwork, some people may go on to become great pianists in the future.


Every activity in a CBSE Noida school has a big effect on how the kids grow. Co-curricular pursuits are crucial aspects of academic life that aid students in developing their learning processes. Co-curricular activities are ones that all students are required to partake in. To ensure that each student learns more than just their courses, they are well-balanced and designed to supplement the academic curriculum. Co-curricular activities are intended to support pupils in the growth of their cognitive, interpersonal, personality, moral, and character appeal. It includes, among other things, cultural events, sports, science lab activities, library activities, creative arts activities, classroom activities, and meditation. As a result, in addition to academics, co-curricular activities are part of the curriculum at CBSE Schools in Noida. Extracurricular activities are essential for kids’ development and progress. It promotes creative thinking in kids, which enhances their learning capacity.

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