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The types of Turkey visas for Pakistani Citizens

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If you are planning on visiting Turkey then you simply need to know about the different processing types you can avail to get the visa. Now there are two main types of Turkey visa for Pakistan processing methods. If you have no clue about them then you need to read this post. In this post, we have discussed not only the processing methods but also the common types of visas. If you are wondering how to apply for Turkey visa then you just need to follow these methods!

Turkey visa through direct application 

The first method to get a turkey visa for Pakistan is by getting the visa application from the Turkish embassy in Islamabad. You need to fill out the application form with accurate information and attach all necessary documents at the time of application submission. Make sure you add all proper information in the form as already the turkey visa rejection rate for Pakistan is high because of silly blunders made in the visa application.

Turkey E Visa for Pakistan 

The second method for getting a Turkey visa is via an online application system. Today the Turkish govt. is offering online visas to multiple countries. Lucky for you, Pakistan is on that list and so you can easily apply for a digital visa from the official website. You need to fill the online form, pay the fee, attach important documents (digital copies) and you can get the visa in your mail!

Popular Types of Turkish Visa for Pakistanis!

There are different types of turkey visa for Pakistan. Some of the popular ones have been discussed below for your knowledge!

Turkey work visa for Pakistanis 

Turkey is one of the most popular countries for working-class Pakistanis. One can get good jobs, nice salaries, and other benefits while working in Turkey. If you want to get a job in Turkey then you need to find the best Turkey work visa agent in Pakistan and get your application ready for submission. Now you must know that you need to apply for jobs first before you apply for the work visa!

Turkey Residence visa for Pakistanis

Another type of turkey visa for Pakistan is a residence visa. If you want to move out to Turkey then you need to apply for a Turkey residence permit for Pakistani. Now you must know that this kind of visa or permit is not easy to get. You have to fulfill all formalities to get the permit!

Turkey Visit Visa for Pakistani 

One of the most popular Turkey visa for Pakistan is the visit visa which is also known as the tourist visa. If you want to visit Turkey just for the purpose of fun then you need to apply for a visit visa which is valid for three months only. The Turkey visit visa fee from Pakistan is less than $25 which is also quite affordable!

These are the common types of Turkish visa you should know about. There are many more types that you can apply for depending on your requirements!

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