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The Most Powerful Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins

by Uneeb Khan

If you’re looking for the most powerful weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins, you’ve come to the right place. There are some extremely powerful weapons in this Call of Duty game, including the Sliquifier and Drakon. These weapons are incredibly accurate and can take down enemy operators with minimal armor. The Drakon is even powerful enough to pierce through three different sets of enemy armor.

Ray Gun Mark 2

There are most powerful weapon options in Black Ops 3 Origins, but the Ray Gun Mark 2 is the best weapon for a lot of players. This weapon is capable of killing zombies and other enemies in droves, and its high damage output makes it an excellent first-person shooter. The weapon can also be upgraded to deal more damage and fire at a faster rate.

The Ray Gun is an iconic weapon in the Call of Duty series, but it was originally created for the Black Ops series. The original Ray Gun was fun to use, and it has since made its way into other games. Its modernized counterpart, however, is far more powerful.

ice staff code

The Ice Staff code is one of the most powerful weapons in Blackops 3 Origins, but it is not ideal for everyone. It is best suited for people who are trying to get a lot of kills and high rounds. It does infinite damage and is very effective against zombies. It has a relatively slow rate of fire, but it is a good choice in high-level games, and is great for killing zombies. Unfortunately, it is not the best save-me weapon, as it has a long kill time and requires the player to stop digging.

In order to use the Ice Staff, players must first killed at least 20 zombies. When they do, Samantha will told them about the staff’s power and outline it in red when it is ready for use. The Ice Staff is one of the most powerful weapons in Origins, and it can be upgraded by collecting souls.

Monkey Bombs and Gersch

While the game is still largely focused on combat, the game offers a more diverse range of weapons, including more than a dozen new ones. In addition to the classic pistols, grenades, and sniper rifles, you can also find a number of special zombies and crappy guns. There are also new items, such as the mighty Gersch and Monkey Bombs, that can help you complete missions more quickly.

Ascension has the best special round of the game. Dog rounds aren’t as balanced as monkey rounds. If you don’t kill the monkeys in time, you’ll lose your perks. If the monkeys are unharmed, you get a free perk bottle.


The KN-44 is the most powerful weapon you can acquire in Black Ops 3 Origins. This semi-automatic machine gun can deliver significant damage, has a good rate of fire, and is dual-magnified. It was previously available as ground loot, but was removed after Season 13. This weapon is easy to pick up and use, but it does have a very heavy recoil.

The KN-44 has two different calibers: 5.45x39mm and 7.62x39mm. It also features a red “27” on the side of the weapon. You can also equip gold camouflage, which will turn the entire weapon golden. It can fire up to six hundred rounds per minute.


The PPSH is an elite weapon and one of the most popular in Black Ops 3. With an astounding rate of fire, it can destroy hordes of zombies in no time. It can also be upgraded for improved damage. PPSHs are the best weapons to use against zombie hordes, and you should make sure you have plenty of ammo to make the most of their destructive potential.

The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is another extremely powerful weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins. It is powered by Tesla power tubes, which increase the weapon’s voltage and damage. You must replace the power tubes in the gun’s breech, then pull the lever to activate the power cells. The full reload time is six seconds, but the use of Speed Cola speeds up the process. The DG-2 can also be upgraded into a DG-3 version, which enhances its damage.

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