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The Impact of Filtered Water on Your Bubble Tea Business

by Uneeb Khan

To get our bubble tea fix, we need only take a stroll down the street, where dozens of shops await. It does not cost a lot of money to open a milk tea shop, and making milk tea is a simple process, so many people are interested in getting into the business.

However, what resources do you need to ensure that your milk tea products continue to taste great?

It might seem overstated to use anything other than filtered water when brewing a high-quality tea, but anything less would be a disservice. Since milk tea is composed of mostly water, using clean water is crucial to the end result.

What, then, makes excellent brewing water?
To begin with, quality water must not have the chlorine, metallic, and other tastes and odors that are typical of tap water. The bubble tea machines are delicate, so the water you use must not contain any calcium.

Tea leaves may have trouble infusing properly in hard water, especially if the water is high in calcium and magnesium. When this happens, the tea itself may become cloudy.

An effective water filtration system, such as the Everpure Water Filter System, is essential for ensuring that these conditions are met.

What Bubble Tea Shops Should Know About Water Filtration and Water Softening
The term “water filtration” is commonly used to describe the process by which carbon-based filters eliminate contaminants and improve water’s taste, smell, and overall quality. One can be sure that there are at least a few of these undesirables circulating in the water supply of any given town or city.

Water softening removes hard minerals that can clog your milk tea machine. Minerals like calcium and magnesium can easily build up as a hard deposit on faucets and in appliances. This phenomenon, known as scaling, manifests visually as a coating of hard, scale-like build up over the components of your machine that contacts water.

The best way to filter and soften water at the same time is with a system that has water softening built in. Cartridges with water softening abilities are available for a wide variety of Everpure Water Filter Systems.

Because Everpure Water Filter Systems can filter out particles as small as half a micron, they allow you to control the mineral content of your water, ensuring that your milk tea products have just the right amount of flavoring while preventing any damage to your machinery.

When the quality of the water is low in your area, a quality filtration system can be a lifesaver. This could be a standard carbon filter system or a filtration system that uses

Reverse osmosis relies on a pressurized filtration system to remove pollutants from water; the water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane. Extremely purified water is the result of this filtration process, which allows only pure water to pass through.

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