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The Go Fan app has sold 30 million tickets across 10,000 schools.

by Asim Khan

Go Fan worked with more than 10,000 schools since 2001, and we’ve sold over 30 million tickets as a result. This makes us the market leader in terms of the quantity of digital high school tickets sold.

GoFan and Go Fan App Sports united in 2022 to form the most prosperous high school media and technology company in the nation.

Maintenance of the NFHS network

The NFHS Network is one of Go Fan Promo Code’s most well-known operations. Approximately 10,000 high schools throughout the country can now access streaming and digital ticketing options because to the collaboration between the NFHS Network and GoFan.

Outstanding Fan Experience

We strive to provide the quickest and most convenient Go Fan App ticket purchasing experience for our fans. Tickets for every school event can be purchased and distributed easily, and contactless access is accessible at all occasions. Equipment, scanning, or direct personal contact are not required.

Event Management Turnkey

A user-friendly administrative system called Go Fan App HQ simplifies event management to a never-before-seen degree. You may add and modify your own events, manage capacity, and grant early access to select tickets to family or home fans.

Check event sales in real-time, obtain financial statements, and access all of these capabilities and more through a sophisticated and user-friendly interface.

Digital Transparency In Finance

You get to set the price for each event and keep all the proceeds from ticket sales. Customers of Go Fan App pay a convenience fee of up to $1 per ticket, and the business covers all credit card processing costs.

Currency counting is no longer necessary, account reconciliation is simplified, and thorough financial reports are always available. A bookkeeper’s best friend is this.

Together, Go Fan Better

We are currently putting together a group of people who believe what we do and aren’t afraid to push the limits of what is possible. Together, we work long hours, are always working together, support and encourage each other, and are not afraid to disagree.

We also believe that a round of high-fives at the conclusion of Go Fan App meetings is a pleasant and effective way to wrap things up.

Make An Effort

Give it your best. Take care of yourself. Being kindhearted is one of Go Fan App’s core beliefs, and we try to reflect it in the perks package we provide.

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Compensation At Competitive Rates

You can see that we appreciate skill highly because of the way we compensate our employees. Take advantage of our 401(k) plan, which includes a contribution from the company, to start saving for retirement now.

Coverage For Medical Expenses

To make sure you can receive the care that is most appropriate for your needs, we provide medical, dental, vision, and life insurance solutions. extended paid vacation time.

You deserve some downtime to unwind and recharge before returning to the Go Fan App game.

Fitness Center Access

You’ll be able to advance your fitness with access to the on-site gym. You won’t ever have to worry about letting your hunger win if you always have snacks on hand. Our sit/stand desks’ height can be changed to meet your needs.

Fun And Adaptable

An environment that is flexible and fun to work in. Choose between working in the office, from home, or in a hybrid setting to feel comfortable in your surroundings. purchasing postseason tickets through the Go Fan app.

Every GHSA School And Supporter

In less than a month, the GHSA postseason will start. Attention all GHSA schools and supporters. The GHSA has chosen Go Fan App as its official digital ticketing service provider starting in 2016.

The only site to get tickets for the playoffs and championship games is GoFan, and you can use your mobile device to do so.

The Gofan App Search

To find the event you’re searching for, search for it on the Go Fan app for your school. By visiting this page, you may also look at a list of every GHSA state championship.

What format will the tickets that customers have purchased be offered in? They can click the View Tickets button on the receipt that was provided to them, log in to their Go Fan account, or use the GoFan app to open their tickets.

The Fastest Access Possible

Fans should show their tickets before they get to the gate so they can get into the game as quickly as possible. Below is a link to another minute-long video that can be shared with fans. Does a fan’s ticket have any limitations on who can use it.

By sending a message, sending an email, or copying a link, tickets that have already been purchased can be transferred to a child, spouse, family member, or anybody else. Keep watching to the very end.

Up To Four Hours Of Purchases

If the game has already started, are there still still chances to purchase tickets. If seats are still available and the event has not reached capacity, tickets may be purchased up to four hours after the game’s planned start time.

The “Validate” Button In Green

How do we return the tickets we purchased with our money? To prove ownership, the person must show the digital ticket on his or her phone. The fan will be directed to click the green “Validate” button by your ticket gate employees.

And when they do, you will see a sizable green checkmark proving the tickets are valid. Watch this one-minute YouTube video to learn more about the process.

The Parental Entrance

Parents can purchase tickets at the door. Yes. On their mobile devices, fans may access GoFan, look for the names of both schools.

Click on the event, and then provide their payment information to buy tickets. You can click to buy tickets for the state championship as well.

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