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The Evolution of Mangalsutra Trends: Featuring Blingy Diamond Mangalsutras

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Since time immemorial, a mangalsutra has been viewed as a highly sacred ornament in the Indian tradition. It is not only a symbol of marital status for a bride but is also believed to ward off evil spirits surrounding her and her new family on a spiritual level.

The jewellery piece bears gold and black beads known to purify the bride’s surroundings of any lingering ‘bad juju’. Different regions of diverse India have come up with varying takes on their sacred mangalsutra. The ornament has undergone several trends and makes to fit the aesthetic spirit of the era.

From rather chunky blueprints to now existing in dainty forms, jewellery brands are constantly experimenting with mangalsutra designs to embody a modern bride’s preferences and personality. As it is an ornament she is supposed to wear her entire life as a symbol of protection and sacred togetherness – it is important to find one that she can relate to style-wise.

So, opting for a sparkly diamond mangalsutra can help you feel more connected to the piece as diamonds in association with gold, is a classic combo on its own!

However, to understand the various mangalsutra trends taking over the industry during different periods and find one you truly connect to, you must discover their significance in the respective regions. This blog helps you with exactly that!

Types of Mangalsutra: Traditions & Trends by Regions

A mangalsutra embodies different meanings, notions and design palettes in different states of India. As India is known for its abundance of cultures, traditions have popped up in each of them – being uniquely theirs. So, here are some types of mangalsutras adorned in different regions of India:

  1. Tanmaniya

Tanmaniya style of mangalsutra is a modern alternative to the classic gold and black beads combination, typically seen in mangalsutra designs. Fashionista brides, who do not necessarily vibe with the traditional yellow and black colour-combo, can opt for the Tanmaniya style of mangalsutra.

This variation is also symbolic of the infinite commitment between two lovers and their undeterred love for one another. Recent takes on the Tanmaniya style of Mangalsutras feature the incorporation of diamonds in tasteful portions to enhance their style quotient.

  1. Wati/Vati

Maharashtrian mangalsutras feature 2 watis or vatis. Mythologically, these bowl-shaped incorporations are known to dissolve any troubling thoughts in the woman’s mind – symbolically relieving her from emotional burdens.

As the vatis are known to face the Anahata-Chakra, they are believed to hold great spiritual-cleansing powers. Besides, the two dangly vatis add to the ornament’s aesthetic value. Often, the most aesthetic variations opted for by modern brides are the ones in which the vatis are surrounded by embedded diamonds to further add to their shine.

So, if you wish to buy diamond mangalsutra online, you know where to start looking!

  1. Nallapusalu

The Mangalsutra is known as Nallapusalu in Telugu and is worn by brides in South Indian weddings. It features a chain of black beads and a traditional ethnic motif embedded with diamonds as the pendant.

The Nallapusalu bears connections to healing powers and positive manifestations with the bride’s heart health. Apart from its value in the mythological context, it is adorned by a bride who adores a good old classic take on mangalsutra designs featuring darker colours like black to express their unconventional side.

  1. Dejhoor

A Kashmiri bride adorns herself in a dejhoor, which offers an interesting take on the traditionally accepted form of a mangalsutra. Dejhoor is adorned in the form of earrings featuring gold or diamond centrepieces wrapped up in red threads. It is offered to the bride by her parents.

However, once she steps foot into her husband’s household, the red thread is replaced by gold chains. It is starkly different from the other variations of mangalsutra found in various parts of India, making it a turning point in the evolution of mangalsutra.

Final Word on the Trends Surrounding Mangalsutras

With several cultures coexisting in India, the country is witness to thousands of traditions and rituals. As the mangalsutra is particularly symbolic of the ultimate devotion between lovers and also serves as a symbol of protection against evil spirits – it has seen major experimentation in design across various states of India.

So, choose the mangalsutra style which calls out to you the most, by exploring Mia by Tanishq’s diverse collection of modern diamond mangalsutras!

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