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The Definitive Guide to the Best Cannabis Soils

by Eddy Smith

You can call it soil, dirt, growth medium, or whatever you prefer, but it’s essential to any cannabis-growing operation. The best soil for cannabis cultivation is one of your most important decisions.

It is so critical that it can determine the success or failure of a harvest. Which would be more appealing: bountiful blossoms or a plant with so many problems that it can’t be composted next season? That’s the beauty of using the right soil. You have a lot riding on your choice.

But what’s the best soil for cannabis growing? What’s the best pH level? What if your plants are grown outdoors? What if it’s indoors? You could ask a million more questions. Be assured, my friend. Honest Marijuana is here to help.

Fast to a decade ago, we were growing some of the most exquisite cannabis in the entire world. We grow cannabis the natural way that mother nature intended. That is, we do so in organic 100-percent soil.

We have learned a lot during those years, and now we are hoping you could benefit from our experience. To help you make informed decisions, we have assembled the definitive guide to the best cannabis soils. Let’s begin this dirty adventure with the basics of good cannabis land.

The Basics and Benefits of Good Cannabis Soil

Cannabis is often called “weed” due to its ability to grow and thrive under different conditions. This doesn’t mean you have to scatter your sensimilla plants in the backyard hoping for the best. 

You can grow cannabis in any kind of soil. But, in order for it to flourish and produce many THC trichomes as well as other cannabinoids, it must have the right amount of variables. These variables include the following:

  • Proper drainage
  • Good water retention. This may seem counterintuitive in relation to the first variable. But it isn’t.
  • Correct nitrogen/phosphorus ratio (this will be done in composting phase).
  • The right balance between bacteria & fungus (a slight tilt towards the fungal spectrum is okay since cannabis prefers slightly alkaline soil).
  • Soil pH 6

Let’s go over the last bullet point (PH) in more detail.

Best Soil for Outdoor Cannabis

Natural soil is soil that has been exposed to the elements. It comes in three main varieties:

  • Sandy
  • Loamy
  • Clay

All soils can be different. Each soil type can have different ratios, which makes it even more confusing. Each soil type is unique and has its own drawbacks and benefits.

We recommend that you dig a three-foot diameter hole, three-foot high, and place your cannabis plant in it. This will give your cannabis plants the drainage, water retention, and nutrients they need to grow taller.

Some Tips we’ve picked up along the Way

Here are some more tips and tricks we have discovered along the way to help you make cannabis cultivation easier.

  • Before you start, gather all the ingredients.
  • Take it slow. Don’t rush.
  • Keep track of everything you do, especially regarding soil, so you can identify ways to improve.

Learn How Ph Testers Work

Try to be friendly but not too friendly with your local garden center or greenhouse staff. You can have a friendly conversation with people at your local gardening center or greenhouse. They can give you a wealth of information on all things soil.

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